Treat yourself to some fun before the end of the year in one of my live classes:


Surface Design with Stencils

Making Encaustic Medium & Paint
Tuesday, Oct. 21. All levels welcome.

Special Effects with Dry Pigments (New!)
Saturday, Oct. 25. Intermediate level class.

Introduction to Encaustic Painting & Texture
Saturday, Nov. 1 or Dec. 6. All levels welcome.

Surface Design with Stencils
Saturday, Nov. 8, Intermediate level class.

Encaustic Monotypes & Paper Lanterns (New!)
Saturday, Nov. 15. All levels welcome.

Capture Memories with Encaustic Collage
Saturday, Jan. 10, All levels welcome.

View class photos, descriptions and register at the link below. For most classes all supplies are included and no experience is necessary. These classes will be held in my private studio in  Portland, Oregon.

>> View my complete class schedule here, including online classes for those of you not in Portland

So that’s it for another Wax Week! I only do these 5 day intensive classes once or twice a year and it’s always exciting for me to watch such an enthusiastic community of artists bound by wax. I usually have students from several states and this session was no different except that several of them could claim many states as their home since they happened to be in transition. No matter, everyone came with an open mind, an open heart and kind words for their fellow artists.

Dorothy, Sandy and Mary sharing a laugh

Dorothy, Sandy and Mary sharing a laugh

A bird theme seemed to appear pretty quickly! This is by Sandy.

A bird theme seemed to appear pretty quickly! This is by Sandy.


Mary with her hummingbirds


Sandy’s hummingbirds


Dorothy’s owl


Leslie, Dorothy and Sandy adding texture to their work

Shannon's texture tools getting a workout!

Shannon’s texture tools getting a workout!


Textured landscape by Leslie

Shannon's beautiful work with texture

It’s safe to say that Shannon especially loved adding texture!


Sandy fusing with the heat gun

Lunch under the trees

Lunch under the trees

Shannon is back to work on image transfers. What a change in mood!

Shannon is back to work on image transfers. What a change in mood!


Mary’s Garden

Sandy's collage

Sandy’s collage


A toast to end a wonderful week!


Thanks Sandy, Mary, Shannon, Dorothy and Leslie for an exciting week.

New techniques learned, exciting art created and new friendships formed. I love to see everyone swapping contact info before they leave. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

I’m planning my Wax Week dates for 2015 now! If you’re interested in joining us please sign up for my free newsletter to be notified when dates are finalized. I hope to see you in Portland soon!


Linda Robertson offers live encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at

Colorful Wax ScrollsWhen Fred Swan and I had our show together People’s Art gallery a couple of years ago we looked at those big beautiful windows with the light streaming in and knew something special was going to happen there.

After some discussion about what would best fill that space we were intrigued by the idea of wax scrolls. We worked independently on them, then brought our creations together as an installation in that front window. Having so many panels of paper and wax with that delicate natural light penetrating them filled the space with energy and movement. It was beautiful! People were very excited about the feel and scent of these art works, as well as their visual appeal.

Since that show I’ve made (a lot!) more scrolls and I’ve come up with new ways to add color and patterns to the paper, cut outs to be removed and reattached and a new way to hang them. It’s such a relaxing and meditative process, but it also gives you the instant satisfaction of making a 5 foot long piece of art in a day! If you’d like to try this yourself come see me in my Portland, Oregon studio this Saturday, 9/27. There are just a few spots left in this class and it won’t be offered again until next summer. If you’re not in the area join my mailing list to be notified when my online class for this is ready! I’m making big plans for that right now…

Here's Fred on the ladder installing one of the panels at our show

Here’s Fred on the ladder installing one of the panels at our show

This is the view of our installation from inside the gallery.

This is the view of our installation from inside the gallery.

Perparing paper scrolls

Dorothy working on her scroll in one of my recent classes

New designs

Here’s a set of scrolls I made recently with several new techniques

Lit scrollsWax Scrolls

Online encaustic classes at

Online encaustic classes at

Great news! My online encaustic classes are now available by the class or by the lesson, allowing you to purchase exactly what you need. A few lessons are as little as $5 and each class page has at least one free bonus video. 

Each page has a free excerpt from the class plus at least one free bonus video! Check them out here:

Are you new to encaustic? Not a problem! You should know that encaustic is one of the oldest forms of painting, with paint made from pure pigment mixed with beeswax and resin. The mixture is applied hot, and then reheated to fuse the layers together. It’s one of the most forgiving mediums available, allowing you to “undo” virtually anything, giving you the freedom to be fearless and let your creativity flow. My online encaustic classes will get you started working in this beautiful and unique medium in no time.

Online encaustic classes at

Online Encaustic & Shellac class at

Join my 5-day intensive WAX WEEK workshop in Portland, Oregon, from Oct. 6 – 10! We’ll will focus on mixing different media within one painting, creating transfers with photographs, drawings and rubbings, texture and embossing, secrets of creating depth and taking your painting from start to finish.

The timing is perfect to also attend one of our signature art events, Portland Open Studios on Oct. 11 – 12. Choose from 96 art studios to visit including some of my favorite Portland painters like Karl Kaiser and Kindra Crick who both work in encaustic. Most artists will be giving free demos throughout the day. Don’t miss this!

View project photos and register here!


Linda Robertson offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at


Those of you who have been admiring my MOO mini cards, here’s your chance. They are having a SALE until Sept. 10, 2014. You can print up to 100 different photos for the same price as one, and they are super easy to set up!


Linda Robertson offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at

For those who get frustrated that their art doesn’t come together quickly enough I share this.

I have spent the last two hours adding and subtracting the same piece of paper in various ways on my encaustic painting. The first method I tried worked, but I wanted to find the most secure, efficient way so I often experiment like this.

Here’s what I suspected and confirmed: I thought this calligraphy paper might be thick enough to capture air bubbles under that paper which can cause attachment problems later in the life of the painting. Yup, it was even worse than I thought, but I want to use the paper so I just had to find the best way to attach it.

Try this method to test your own papers:

Read the rest of this entry »

Encaustic with a Shellac/Crackle Finish

Encaustic with a Shellac/Crackle Finish

Summer may not technically be here just yet, but the weather doesn’t show it. It’s beautiful in Portland right now and we’re looking forward to a warm, dry summer which will be perfect for trying out some new encaustic techniques in my private studio. Here’s what’s coming up:

Encaustic Painting & Texture

Encaustic Painting & Texture

Colorful Wax Scrolls

Colorful Wax Scrolls


Sat, 6/21, Colorful Wax Scrolls* (1 spot left)
Sat, 6/28, Beautiful Backgrounds*


Sun, 7/6, Encaustic Painting & Photo Collage
7/17 – 7/21, Wax Week: Photo Encaustic & Mixed Media*
Sat, 7/26, Quick Crackle Finish*


Sat, 8/2, Colorful Wax Scrolls*
Sat, 8/9, Beautiful Backgrounds*
Sun, 8/10, Intro to Encaustic Painting & Texture
Sat, 9/6, Encaustic Painting & Photo Collage

* These classes are only offered once or twice a year in the summer because some of the class is held outside. Register for them now while you can…

Wax Week: Photo Encaustic & Mixed Media

Wax Week: Photo Encaustic & Mixed Media

Wax Week: Photo Encaustic & Mixed Media

Thurs – Mon, July 17 – 21 (five days)

This 5-day intensive workshop, offered only once this year, combines some of my most popular classes with some brand new techniques that will keep you creating new work for years to come. We’ll focus on combining wax with different media like photographs, pastels, inks, pigment sticks, stamps, texture and much more. Subjects include photo encaustic, creating image transfers, adding texture, using pigment sticks, taking your painting from start to finish, and creating depth. All levels welcome.

You can see my full class schedule anytime on my web site at


Linda Robertson offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at

I’m so thankful to be a part of this blog hop, and excited to see how everyone creates their own unique art using the materials in the new Linda Robertson Encaustic Set from Enkaustikos! (By the way, some of you may know me as Linda Womack, but it’s Linda Robertson now so please help me spread the word if you would be so kind…)

This set includes lots of encaustic paint and medium in my favorite colors, 4 brushes, a pot of cleaning wax, an 8 x 10 cradled panel, 3 essential tools, a stencil from StencilGirl Products, a pastel from PanPastel Colors and three of my online lessons showing how to use all of the materials together. Here’s a little video to tell you what it’s all about:

01-materialsBTW, if you are brand new to encaustic you might want to start with my free video overview about encaustic materials (scroll down to “Extra Features”).

I like to practice what I preach in my classes that no board is unsalvageable, especially in encaustic, but this one was NOT looking good. It had colors that didn’t go together and was the product of a demo I did for a very large crowd in Santa Fe last year so it’s safe to say that it was far more spontaneous than planned.

The beauty of salvaging something is that you have those beautiful colors that come through the background and tend to be wonderful surprises.

Many artists who work with wax and stencils together try to get very precise imagery but that’s not always the goal. I decided to do something very loose on this one. This stencil, called Eddy Rose, is from StencilGirl, and was designed by Mary Beth Shaw.


To get this effect I painted the wax through the stencil as usual, but instead of fusing the stencil in place I pulled it up first and then fused it to let the pattern flow with the wax. The result was beautiful!

You can really see the difference in the center photo above, where the top part of the board is fused and the bottom portion is not. I repeated this a couple of times alternating between Zinc White and Super Gold Pearl paint from Enkaustikos which are both included in my set.

03-carve Read the rest of this entry »

Emerging From Darkness, Encaustic & Mixed Media, by Linda Robertson

Emerging From Darkness, Encaustic & Mixed Media, by Linda Robertson

Chantel Greene, Linda Robertson and Pam Nichols at the 2014 CAP Art Gala

Chantel Greene, Linda Robertson and Pam Nichols at the 2014 CAP Art Gala

Portland’s art community first organized the iconic Cascade AIDS Project Art Auction to raise money to provide services to those infected or affected by HIV in the Northwest. The event has grown over the past two decades and now encompasses 200 works of art and over 1,200 guests.

I’m honored that my work was once again featured in this exclusive auction for a very worthy cause.



Linda Robertson offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at



Talented former students of mine showing work at People's Art include Kindra Crick, Frederick Swan and Karl Kaiser

Talented former students of mine showing work at People’s Art include Kindra Crick, Frederick Swan and Karl Kaiser

If you are anywhere near Portland, Oregon be sure to stop by Peoples Art of Portland Gallery  before April 13 to see a wonderful encaustic and mixed media show with with a very personal connection to me. Each of these talented artists was once a student of mine! Don’t miss a chance to hear them talk about their wonderful new work too.

kindra-lindaArtist Talk
Sunday, April 6th 2-4pm.
All ages -Free.
Artists: Fredrick Swan, Kindra Crick, Karl Kaiser and Brian Gray. Hosted by Chris Haberman.
Snacks. Wine. Fun. Show runs through 4/13.

Come talk with Portland artists who create layered work of evocative depths, using encaustic as part of their painting process.

Discover how these artists cut, scrape and carve to reveal complex and textured histories. Kindra Crick, Karl Kaiser and Fredrick Swan will share their life experiences with art, unique and fascinating process to create depth and their formula for their work composed for the gallery, in their layered and exciting show, “Excavations.” This is not to be missed!

Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
Pioneer Mall, 3rd floor. Suite 4005
Downtown Portland, Oregon
open thurs-sun 12-6


Linda Robertson offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at

I’m so excited to be a guest blogger on the StencilGirl blog today! I’ll show you how to make this painting, step-by-step, using Enkaustikos wax, pigment and watercolor through the beautifully designed StencilGirl heat resistant stencils. View the full blog post here.

I’m also working with Enkaustikos to create the Linda Robertson Encaustic Kit that will include my favorite Enkaustikos colors, several tools, brushes, a StencilGirl stencil, and a PanPastel color plus an online video class showing you how to use all of it together! Please join my mailing list  or “like” me on Facebook to be notified when the encaustic kit is available, and also to get updates on the release of my new eBook and online classes.


Linda Robertson offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at

mm-frontI’m happy to announce my inclusion in a new book called 101 Mixed Media Techniques that’s just been published by Water-Foster. This expansive book features many talented mixed media artists and I’m excited to be among those invited to participate. I was in charge of the section on encaustic, focusing on mixing wax with other media. I created projects that incorporate charcoal, graphite, dried plants, rubber stamps, felt, fabric and foil.

[Please note that this is NOT the new version of my previous book, Embracing Encaustic. I'm still working on that and will have an update here soon!]

Printed books still take a long time to publish, so I had agreed to do the book quite a while ago when things were going a little bit easier in my life. When it was time to do the actual projects and photographs things were much more complicated, but a deadline is a beautiful thing sometimes, especially for me!

My wonderful friend Kimberly Kent helped me so that I could take the photographs as she demonstrated the techniques under my direction. Doesn’t she have beautiful hands? And it doesn’t hurt that she and I have been friends for a long time so we had fun doing it. Another bonus is that she’s a very talented painter in her own right so she knows exactly how to hold the tools and what I was trying to teach through the photographs. Also, we might have had some wine.

I’m really happy with how the book came out and I hope you’ll get a chance to see it in person. I have a few copies for sale in my studio so if you take a class in my studio ask if I have any available. Otherwise you can get it at or through local bookstores.

What it really looks like in my studio when shooting photographs or video.

What it really looks like in my studio when shooting photographs or video.


Linda Robertson offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at

OK folks, this is it, the show everyone in Portland is talking about! Join me this Saturday for this epic annual show that is also a fundraiser for the Oregon Food Bank. Peoples Art of Portland, Po Boy Art/Jason Brown, and Chris Haberman present…

The BIG 400 Show
400+ Artists
4000+ Pieces of art
Cash / Credit and Carry
BIG opening Sat. Dec 14th at 2pm (until 9pm)
Bring canned food for free entry
Yes indeed, all art is only $40 so why would so many well known artists participate in an event where their art sells for so little year after year? Aside from the great fund raising part, it’s because it’s such a unique show and all about the art. All work is the same size and price and no names are displayed so your choice is simple, if you like the art BUY THE ART without concerning yourself with who made it and what their credentials might be. New collectors of original are born out of this show every year.
I use these pieces to do experiments and smaller sketches for new projects throughout the year, and continue working with what I like best about each of my 10 panels. Come join me in a friendly race to find the perfect present at a perfect price! Here’s a preview of some of mine this year. I hope to see you there!
Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
700 SW Fifth (3rd floor)
Pioneer Square Mall, downtown Portland
open Thurs-Sun 12-6pm
show runs through Jan 12th


Linda Robertson Womack offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at

Last week I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful people and pet photographer, Pauline Zonneveld, who booked time with me for a private consulting session to bring her vision of pairing encaustic and photography to life. She did her homework and  brought a variety of images she liked cut out from magazines. This gave us a good basis to start with and from there I helped Pauline decide on a process and we talked about how to start developing her own distinctive style.

I took Pauline through a couple of different ways to get a look similar to what she liked. She decided that image transfers would be the best route for her based on the equipment she already has, so we got to work.

Here’s what she came up with. This photo was taken right after Pauline did a great little dance saying “Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted!” Well done Pauline!

My August sessions are already booked but if you’d like to work with me in September or later check my website for ideas of what you might want to cover and how to register. This is ideal for artists who can’t make it to my regular workshops or those visiting the area who need to work within a specific schedule.

BTW, Pauline is the photographer who took these amazing images of my 12 year old lab Sadie for her inspiring Good Old Dog Project.

Sadie   Sadie close up

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My Book: Embracing Encaustic

Embracing Encaustic, will teach you how to paint and collage with wax using step-by-step instructions accompanied by 90+ full color photographs. Find out more or purchase it online here.

Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax
By Linda Robertson Womack


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