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Every year I hear from students who want to take my encaustic workshops but live too far away to fly in for just one or two days. With them in mind I offer my Wax Week class, a 5-day intensive workshop that combines some of my most popular classes with some brand new techniques that will keep you creating new work for years to come.

Happy Wax Week artists

Happy Wax Week artists with some of what they created over our 5 days together

I’ll have two Wax Week sessions this year that will cover different techniques, so you can choose the workshop that best suits your style:

Wax Week: From the Ground Up (only 2 spots left!)
Mon – Fri, July 20-24, 2015
Subjects include creating beautiful backgrounds before you wax, working creatively and safely with shellac, mixing different media within one painting, secrets of creating depth, pouring wax for an ultra smooth finish, and taking your painting from start to finish. All levels are welcome.

Wax Week: Mixing Media*
Mon – Fri, Oct. 5 – 9, 2015
Subjects include mixing different media within one painting, creating transfers with photographs, drawings and rubbings, texture and embossing, secrets of creating depth and taking your painting from start to finish. All levels are welcome.


Thoughts Into Reality, Encaustic & Mixed Media, by Linda Robertson

Most supplies will be provided including wax, paint, brushes, paper, boards, and basic encaustic tools. Space is limited to 6 students and classes fill quickly. I hope to see you soon. More detailed information, photos and registration here!

* Those of you coming in October will get an extra bonus:  The timing on this class is perfect to also attend Portland Open Studios on Oct. 10 – 11. You can choose from almost 100 art studios to visit including some of my favorite Portland painters who work in encaustic. Don’t miss this!

cls_fixit-sketchEncaustic Fix It Clinic
Saturday, January 24, 2015

Go on, admit it. How many times have you wondered what’s wrong with that painting? It may be a technical problem or a place where all of your colors turn to mud. Or maybe you just can’t put your finger on it and need another opinion. In this class each artist will share one of their problem paintings with the class and we’ll discuss options for fixing it, then you’ll have the rest of the class to do just that, with help readily available of course!

Here’s how it works: You choose 1 or 2 of your problem paintings and bring them to class. We’ll work as a group to help you discover how to improve you work or discuss how to solve any technical issues. With this collaborative approach we can all learn from each others challenges. No class will ever be the same because what we cover depends on who is attending and what questions arise.

This class is not intended to teach you new techniques, but rather to help you perfect those you have tried but are having trouble with. In addition to your questions, you’ll benefit from the help the other students need as well. I hope you’ll join me for a low pressure way to learn from your (and everyone else’s) mistakes!

Confirmation, directions to my studio and additional information will be emailed to each student upon registration. Space is limited to 4 students so classes fill quickly. View class photos and register here

Last week I hosted a 5-day Wax Week Mixed Media workshop in my Portland, Oregon studio. I usually travel across the country offering this workshop at schools like Idyllwild Arts in California and Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Tennessee, but I needed some time off from all the packing and unpacking so I invited students to come visit me this year.

Students from Washington, California, Colorado and Texas joined in the fun working with encaustic paint, paper, pastels, stamps, pigment sticks, inks, encaustic monotypes, wax scrolls and more! Here are a few photographs from the June session.

If you missed this Wax Week class you have another chance in August when the weather in Portland will be spectacular for a visit. Come join us!

Dawn adds texture and color to her panel

A few of the 5 foot long wax scrolls we created, Karen on left, Laura on right

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Last Christmas we posted video greetings as soon as three snowflakes fell. This year we are totally snowed in with the most snow Portland has seen in 40 years! So far we’ve gotten at least 14 inches of snow over 3 days, with 5 – 8 more expected before Christmas.

Yes, the snow is up to my knees! Doesn't it look like I lost my dog in the snow?

Yes, the snow is up to my knees! Doesn't it look like I lost my dog in the snow?

Depending on who you ask, people are referring to this storm as the Snowpocolypse or Stormzilla, but either way it’s a big one. Take a look…

Unidentified wax chunks washed up on the beach

Unidentified wax chunks washed up on the beach

On the northern Oregon Coast, near the mouth of the Nehalem River, beeswax chunks, other cargo, and even parts of a ship have been turning up over the past two centuries. Is this a lost Spanish galleon from the 17th Century? My buddy from high school, Scott Williams, is the Washington state archaeologist working on the project and he thinks it is. When I last visited him he showed me chunks of wax…or something…that had washed up on the beach that they were trying to identify.

Oregon Field Guide recently aired a story on the project that I thought you all might find fascinating. Enjoy! View the video here.


I also found a second video online from The Archaeology Channel:

View this video

To all of those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a merry one!

Here’s a peek into our world of snow and dogs on Christmas Day in Portland Oregon complements of my talented husband, Bill. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

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