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It may be cold outside but it’s warm in my studio! The more art I create the more I have to show so I have a few new events coming up:

Spring Studio Party


Saturday, April 21, 2018
from 1 – 6 pm
FREE Encaustic Demo at 2pm
12717 NE Clackamas St, Portland, OR
Just south of NE 126th & Halsey

I’ll be showing my latest encaustic paintings plus smaller originals, framed reproductions and note cards that make great gifts. You’ll also be able to register for my studio classes and buy gift cards for your friends and family. There is no charge for this event and as always, kids are welcome. Bring your friends too!


New Work at Sidestreet Arts


April 4 – May 26, 2018
Reception: May 4, From 6 – 9 pm
140 SE 28th at Ash, Portland, Oregon

Sidestreet Gallery has evolved (and expanded) into Sidestreet Arts, a collective of 12 local artists. I’m honored to be included in this upcoming show in their small works gallery. They have a huge variety of styles and prices, making it easy to treat yourself or a lucky friend to the gift of original art.

I hope to see you at the opening reception May!



Portland Open Studios

October 13/14 and 20/21, 2018

I just got word that I’ll be part of the 20th anniversary tour for Portland Open Studios! This will be my 6th year showing my studio and my techniques with encaustic and Mixed Media. More details soon.


Linda Robertson is a painter and the author of the Embracing Encaustic book series. She offers live encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes.


OK, not stalking exactly, but I have been following them very, very closely since I was in college. The Starns are Mike and Doug Starn, identical twins who work collaboratively on photo-based art and more recently intricate art installations.


They made a big splash on the art scene when I was in collage way back in 19whatever by taking photographs, printing them with lots of dust, fixer stains and other “imperfections” then them ripping them up and putting them back together with Scotch tape. The visual effect was emotional and direct but everyone was screaming about them not being archival and falling apart in 10 years. I was totally torn on the issue until I saw their work in person. After that transformative moment, I spent as many hours with their work as I could for the final 3 days the exhibit was up. I was totally mesmerized! They taught me that you CAN break the rules of your medium, you just have to be open to what might come of it, good or bad.


My husband Bill and I had decided to treat ourselves to a couple of days in New York after the Annual Encaustic Conference and were looking for stuff to do in the area. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out the Starns were having an open studio event for their latest installation, Big Bambu, while we were in town!

Their installation, Big Bambu, fills their huge warehouse studio

Their installation, Big Bambu, fills their huge warehouse studio

lashingFrom their web site: “This artwork, in the realm of architecture and performance, starts as a massive tower created from lashed together bamboo poles and brings into space representations of complexity and chaos. Big Bambú will evolve through the continuous rebuilding and rethinking of the structure at all times.

The Starns are directing 8 to 15 rock climbers at a time, who are assembling the structure’s vernacular network in an ongoing action. Big Bambú is consistent with the idea of a self-healing organism; within this “fabric” of bamboo pole network, the artists expect that some poles will stress and fail, but that the structure will maintain some integrity. The tower represents the concepts of self-organization, adaptation and the interconnectedness of all things.” View their 3D Virtual video here.

Sadly, they weren’t there when we were so I didn’t get to meet them, but we did get to see the installation and so much more. Work from all eras of their career was hanging in the space along with several works in progress and some pieces that were in the middle of being packed for shipping. It was fascinating! Here are a few more photos from their amazing studio:

This is one of their color carbon prints

This is one of their color carbon prints which is about as tall as I am

Work from their Blocking Out the Sun Series

Work from the Blot Out the Sun Series. Work from a later series incorporates clear encaustic medium as well.

Art that's wrapped and ready to be shipped to the next show

Work from Attracted to Light, wrapped and ready to be shipped to the next show

Even famous artists use regular pillow for packing!

I'm happy to see that even famous artists use regular pillows for packing!


We also made it to the Starns other new work called See It Split, See It Change (above), a multi-part, site-specific installation that encompasses the entire interior of the new South Ferry Terminal concourse, created for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts. Look for it at the South Ferry Station, 1 line.


The work features signature Starn artworks including silhouetted images of trees, mosaic maps of Manhattan, fused glass panels, and a stainless steel fence. It’s an easy ride to get there so if you’re in New York go see it!

I met Kristin Swenson Lintault last year at the Annual Encaustic Conference and was thrilled to hear that she lives so close — just a few hours away in Seattle. At the time she had just finished her new studio and we got to talking about ventilation — a boring topic to most but infinitely interesting to encaustic painters for some reason. Anyway, she described this system she and her husband had devised and I knew I’d have to stop by in person some day to see it. I finally got my chance when I was in town for the Betsy Eby talk and I asked Kristin to let me share my visit with her online.

Kristin's meditation spot in her studio

Kristin's meditation spot in her studio

Kristin's beautiful book collection, including my first one in the upper right corner!

Her beautiful book collection, including my first edition in the upper right corner.

On that same trip I met up with another friend from the conference, Ted Loomis and his wife Megan. Ted is a BIG personality who I was immediately drawn to at the conference, plus he stood out as one of only a few men attending. (Why is that?) He and my husband Bill really hit it off too and we became fast friends. Here’s a peek into Ted’s studio.

Ted's giant studio is perfect for working large

Ted's studio is perfect for working large, like his new painting Big Rock Candy Mountain.

I'm always facinated by other artists tools and paints

I'm always fascinated by other artists tools and paints

Megan is also an accomplished artist working in pastel and glass

Megan is also an accomplished artist working in pastel and glass.

Here’s a video of a recent studio visit with my friend and fellow encaustic enthusiast Elise Wagner. I say enthusiast because Elise not only paints with wax, she manufactures a terrific line of encaustic paints called Wagner Encaustics. I use them when I paint — her yellow ochre is my favorite color — and students in my encaustic workshops love them too!

This video was made by Eva Lake, who offers frequent peeks inside artist studios here in Portland, Oregon. You can see more of Eva’s excellent interviews here.

Nina added dried flowers to complete her very first piece!

Nina added dried flowers as the finishing touch on her very first painting ever!

Emily added Chinese characters as a focal point

Busy, busy, busy. What a great weekend! I held a Beginning Encaustic Intensive class on Saturday with two of my 6 students, a mother and daughter, flying in from California to join in on the fun. I’ve had people come from all over recently including Florida, Pennsylvania and Colorado. I’ve also made some great new friends in various parts of Canada, who now come down for workshops whenever they can. I even had an inquiry from Guatemala last week! I feel so international.

On Sunday I headed off to see friends showing their work in Portland Open Studios which left me inspired and ready to paint! The beautiful weather may have worked against some people as we Oregonians are gearing up for rain this time of year and expect every day of sunshine to be the last one we see for months.

Sara Swink's engaging clay sculptures

I'm thrilled to share a gallery show with Sara Swink next year in Portland

I made a special trip to see my friend Sara Swink as we’ve just found our work will be paired for a show at Guardino Gallery next November (that’s 2009). I had never been to her studio before so it was even more exciting to visit with her and see her new work. I’ve been a fan of Sara’s for a long time so I’m thrilled to be showing with her.

I also caught up with Erin Leichty whom I met while I was taking a workshop at Oregon College of Art & Craft. Erin is a mixed media artist who sometimes works in encaustic as well, but has given it up until her new baby arrives next week. That’s a peek at her studio above.

New shipment arrived today!

Thank goodness a new shipment arrives today!

Today (Monday) I’m stuck in the cold, dank house (see, the weather did change as we feared!) awaiting the arrival of my second order of Embracing Encaustic books. I have 1,500 pounds of books due to arrive today so we have to be ready to get them out of the rain and into the basement. it’s not a moment too soon though, as I only have just over 1 box of books left. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm in making this book a success!

Speaking of success, we got a great review last week from Alina Bradford at Suite 101. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“The Womacks are an artistic married couple that have come together to make a very readable how-to art book. Embracing Encaustic is a beautiful, fully illustrated how-to guide with step-by-step demonstrations on encaustic painting.” Read the full review. Thanks Alina!

Laura and Linda enjoying a sisters weekend

Laura and Linda on sisters weekend

I’m back from San Diego, tanned, rested and ready. Well, not so tanned, but that’s OK these days, right?

I had a wonderful time catching up with my sister, Laura, who was working there for a few days before returning home to Hawaii. We had a fabulous time walking in Balboa park, shopping, taking naps (!), relaxing in the hot tub and sharing some surprisingly good sangria from Trader Joe’s.

Botanical Garden Building Inside Botanical Garden Balboa Park in San Diego

While on my mini Vay-K I made a trip out to visit with one of the artists in my book, Amber George. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, but we had never met and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. I love studio visits because not only do you get to meet the artist, but also see how they make the work that is integral to their lives and personalities. This can tell you a lot about a person.

Amber and Linda

Amber and Linda

Amber and I hit it off right away and talked long into our planned lunch outing. We eventually tore ourselves away from the studio and got something to eat, but we could have spent the whole day in there. And we weren’t even painting!

I actually thought ahead to take some video of her studio, which is posted below. It’s a little choppy but it will at least give you an idea of how she uses her work space.

Be sure to visit Amber’s web site too. Enjoy!

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