This workshop photos page is where I’ll post images from my various online workshops as well as those held in my private studio in Portland, Oregon. You can always view my upcoming Oregon workshops on my web site or the online workshop schedule at

Online Workshops

My online video workshops let me join you in your studio to help you learn encaustic. Work at your own pace, get personalized instruction, and interact with a community of like-minded artists.

Encaustic Collage Workshop

Encaustic With a Crackle Finish

Workshops in My Oregon Studio

Encaustic Painting & Collage

No painting or drawing experience is necessary for this beginning encaustic class that covers both painting and collage with wax.  Encaustic is one of the oldest forms of painting, with paint made from pure pigment mixed with wax and resin. The mixture is applied hot, then reheated to fuse the layers together. We’ll start fusing using a heat gun, but the use of an iron and a small torch will also be covered. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to collage with wax instead of glue to incorporate papers, fabric and dried plants. The molten nature of the medium also lends itself to texturing and carving the wax. View Class Schedule

I’ll demonstrate step-by-step techniques involving painting, collage, using several different brands of premium paints in an assortment of vivid colors. I’ll guide you through applying the wax without air bubbles to get a smooth finish but also how to add texture where you want it with a variety of tools. Don’t worry if you aren’t a painter. I’ll have lots of collage materials available for you to play with, and you can work in any style you choose. This workshop will offer you an expanded visual language plus information on supply sources and safe studio set-up methods for further experimentation.

Students can try heat guns and propane torches to get different effects when fusing their wax.



Even simple compositions can be stunning using basic skills in your first class.

Encaustic & Photography

Photographers seem especially drawn to working with wax because of the variety of ways their images can be reborn in a new medium. I should know, I was originally trained as a photographer and here I am working in encaustic all these years later.

This all level class will be dedicated to the variety of ways your images can included with encaustic using several collage techniques and even learning to pour wax onto your work instead of using a brush. You’ll also learn to transfer images directly on to the wax for a beautifully rustic effect. This class combines parts of several of my other classes to cater especially to photographers. You’ll use a heat gun, a tacking iron and a propane torch to fuse your wax depending on the requirements of each technique. View Class Schedule

The building and boats in this photograph were hand colored before waxing and the sky was created using pastels.  These are just a couple of the methods you’ll learn in this creative class.

Another popular technique we’ll cover is pouring the wax over a photograph for a thick, dreamy look. It’s quick and very effective, but you need to know a few technical tips to get the wax to say in place.

Mixing Your Own Encaustic Paint

The expense of ready-made encaustic paints can be prohibitive, but it ensures evenness of color and consistency. It is also easy to make your own paint using beeswax, resin and pigment and my Mixing Your Own encaustic Paint class will make it quick and easy for you. Take a look at these photos from a recent class.

Mixing Encaustic Medium
Here I am demonstrating how to mix encaustic medium using beeswax and resin. We later used what was made here to make our paint.
Mixing Encaustic Paint
Ruth and Cinnamon remove their new paint from the griddle to cool. Everyone takes home 4 pots of paint.
Mix encaustic paint on griddle
Everyone got a chance to try mixing paint directly on the griddle too.

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Intermediate Workshops

Tina’s transfer

The work above was made by one of my students in a Wax Transfers class


My Shellac Finish class is popular for the unique organic look you can get with a resist.

With my Beautiful Backgrounds class you add texture and color to panels before they are waxed

See more class images or visit my web site for upcoming class schedules.