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Michelle mixing her paint

I debuted my new class tonight, Mixing Your Own Encaustic Paint, and everyone went home energized and ready to make more! First we mixed up a big batch of encaustic medium (beeswax + damar resin) then used that mixture to make paint using each students choice of pigment and colors. Powdered pigments were popular, as were Lyra encaustic crayons.

Mixing Encaustic Medium

Here I am demonstrating how to mix encaustic medium using beeswax and resin. We later used what was made here to mix our paint.

Mixing Encaustic Paint

Ruth and Cinnamon remove their new paint from the griddle to cool. Everyone takes home 4 pots of paint.

Mix encaustic paint on griddleWe also discussed the unique properties of pre-mixed paint brands including R&F Handmade Paints, Evans Encaustics, Enkaustikos and Wagner Encaustics. Before the night was over everyone got a chance to try mixing paint directly on the palette, and learned how to clean up waxy brushes. After learning to mix the medium and paint themselves, each student wet home with 3 colors of paint and a pot of clear medium. If you want to try it yourself join me for the next paint mixing class on April 24. Start saving your tuna and cat food cans now!

See more class images here or visit my web site for upcoming class schedules.


Jodi gets to work on her second painting of the day.

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Casey’s creationToday I had the pleasure of painting, laughing and playing with six wonderful women in my Tons of Texture class: Casey, Charmaine, Cynthia, Deanna, Kalynne and Jennifer. This is one of my new intermediate classes for those who have already gotten their hands dirty (or sticky?) with wax by taking a beginning encaustic class with me or any other teacher, or even experimenting on their own. The only requirement is that you already know how to paint on and fuse layers of wax so we can get right into the fun stuff without reviewing the basics. Check my web site for a full schedule of my upcoming classes, including Wax Image Transfers, Mixing Your Own Paint, more Tons of Texture classes, and in April I’ll add a new one: Working with Masks and Stencils.

Here’s peek into the fun we had today and the beautiful work that was created. Click on the smaller photos to see larger versions. The beautiful work above is by Casey.

casey Charmaine Cynthia Deanna

Cynthia’s work

Cynthia’s bird soars

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Wow, what a wonderful class we had to day! Five lovely women, all fearless and ready to wax. OK, there was a little fear initially of working with the propane torch, but everyone left confident and with really beautiful work. Take a look…

My Studio

Here’s my studio, with everyone (wo)manning their work stations

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Wow, what a week! We really broke in the new studio with three classes in 8 days. The good news is that nothing actually broke, and not a circuit was blown. Glory be(e)!

Group working

I started the week with the Encaustic Intensive class, meant for those with little or no knowledge of the encaustic painting process. This is a full day crash course for getting started quickly. The next class was Wednesday night with a great group who wanted a live demonstration of the segment I did for HGTV’s That’s Clever craft show. Did I mention that it was over 100 degrees that day? Surprisingly my studio stayed much cooler than anyone expected but we drank a LOT of water. The show I was featured on will air again about every three months, so if you missed it check your local schedules or sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when it will be on next.

This weekend I held my Advanced Encaustic Painting class which ran for 2 days. We covered an amazing array of techniques to help artists who already know the basics to break new ground and get inspired. As you can see from the photos below, I dare say we succeeded!

Karen scraping

Karen scraping away to create a design with one of the techniques we just learned.

Lisa masking a line with tape

Lisa is masking a line with tape. Fill the channel between the tape with wax and fuse with the tape in place to get a nice, crisp line.

Mazarine working with the tjanting batik tool

Mazarine working with a tjanting batik tool she brought back from a recent vacation. She was nice enough to give everyone a turn and we loved it! I’ll be adding this to my tool box immediately.

Karen with torch

In this advanced class everyone gets to try the propane torch, and it was a winner! No one wanted to go back to the heat gun after this.

Group with their work

Happy campers Lisa, Karen and Mazarine with their beautiful work. Thanks ladies for a great class!

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