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OK, I just stopped crying i was laughing so hard. My husband Bill joined me for the fun of the National Encaustic Conference and posted his take on the lobster dinner that I wrote about in my last post. Check it out on his blog, Words For Writers, and you’ll see why he’s the writer in the family. Here’s a taste to get you started:

“Last week about this time, I set out in a rented car packed full of strangers in search of a seafood shack that someone had heard about. “It’s where the locals eat,” was the whispered rumor. Ooh. If there’s anything I like better than wearing a bib and cracking open an exoskeleton, it’s doing it local style. This particular locality was Essex, Massachusetts. My car was full of conference-dazed painters looking for booze and a good time after the close of their shindig.” Read the rest here

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While I’m talking up this new book I should mention two things:

1. My fabulously talented husband, Bill, is a writer and the other author on Embracing Encaustic. Trust me, you will be very grateful for this fact. (BTW, he also took all of the photographs that have my hands in them! Well, except for that one shot when he wasn’t home and, well, it wasn’t pretty.) But the point is that he is a wonderful writer.

2. Life has not slowed down while we tried to get this book out. All of the show deadlines, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, family drama and tax bills (see drama) just kept on coming no matter what the designers or printers needed by deadline.

I mention this because these two facts recently came together to make possible this wonderful post on my husband’s blog, Words for Writers.

Enjoy The Ripple Effect, which describes the excitement we had outside our house recently. Oh yeah, and all the police cars.

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