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I met Kristin Swenson Lintault last year at the Annual Encaustic Conference and was thrilled to hear that she lives so close — just a few hours away in Seattle. At the time she had just finished her new studio and we got to talking about ventilation — a boring topic to most but infinitely interesting to encaustic painters for some reason. Anyway, she described this system she and her husband had devised and I knew I’d have to stop by in person some day to see it. I finally got my chance when I was in town for the Betsy Eby talk and I asked Kristin to let me share my visit with her online.

Kristin's meditation spot in her studio

Kristin's meditation spot in her studio

Kristin's beautiful book collection, including my first one in the upper right corner!

Her beautiful book collection, including my first edition in the upper right corner.

On that same trip I met up with another friend from the conference, Ted Loomis and his wife Megan. Ted is a BIG personality who I was immediately drawn to at the conference, plus he stood out as one of only a few men attending. (Why is that?) He and my husband Bill really hit it off too and we became fast friends. Here’s a peek into Ted’s studio.

Ted's giant studio is perfect for working large

Ted's studio is perfect for working large, like his new painting Big Rock Candy Mountain.

I'm always facinated by other artists tools and paints

I'm always fascinated by other artists tools and paints

Megan is also an accomplished artist working in pastel and glass

Megan is also an accomplished artist working in pastel and glass.

Kimberly Kent is the new IEA Oregon Chapter Leader

Kimberly Kent is the new IEA Oregon Chapter Leader

What a weekend! It all started Friday night when I got together with my painter friends for our monthly IEA meeting. I founded the Oregon Chapter of the International Encaustic Artists almost two years ago and it has grown steadily ever since. I was recently invited by the board to become the International Chapter Director, helping members start up local chapters in their area. I knew I couldn’t do this in addition to my work in Portland, so I was thrilled when my buddy Kimberly Kent, founder of CUBE Gallery offered to take over. She is perfect for the position.

On Saturday and Sunday I taught my Beyond Basics encaustic class with an advanced workshop on Sunday. Half of my students came from Canada to take my classes, do some shopping and enjoy our beautiful summer weather. I guess two out of three ‘aint bad (It rained. HARD). Everyone had a great time, including me! What a great group.

After class on Saturday my husband Bill and I took off for one of our favorite annual events: Portland Taiko. Growing up in Hawaii the Asian traditions were integral to my life and watching taiko drumming was one of my favorite events. I say watching instead of listening because taiko is so much more than the sound. It’s a visual feast as well, and when seen live you can feel the drum beats pulse through your body. It’s magical!

I also received some welcomed news on Saturday that my work has been accepted for publication in Studio Visit Magazine, the publishers of New American Painting. They received almost 1000 entries but I made the cut and my work will be featured in the publication due out next spring. It is delivered to 2,000 gallery and museum representatives free of charge, so it’s a great opportunity for me to get more exposure for me work.

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