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In November 2009 I had a big show of my encaustic paintings up at Guardino Gallery (2939 NE Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon). Below is a video tour from the opening reception to give you an idea of what it looked like.

If you enjoy it, please pass it on to your friends! The beautiful ceramic sculptures were created by Sara Swink.

OK, is it wrong to begin with my own show? No? You are so kind. Here are a few photos from the opening of my solo show, Chasing Time, at Cube Gallery which closes on March 31.

Gallery owner Kimberly Kent and I sampled a little wine as we set up

Gallery owner Kimberly Kent and I sampled a little wine as we set up


Marcy Baker and I discussing a painting

Marcy Baker and I discussing a painting



By the time things really packed in there I couldn’t get to the camera anymore so these will have to do. The next night I attended two more wonderful shows. My friend Sheary Clough Suiter, who I met at the encaustic conference last year, was down form Alaska for her opening at the Attic Gallery in downtown Portland. This show closes March 28.

Me, Amy Stoner and Sheary, with her paintings in the background

Me, Amy Stoner and Sheary, with her paintings in the background

Sara and her buddy for the evening

Sara and her buddy for the evening

I also popped over to the always excellent Beet Gallery to visit Sara Swink and her quirky and evocative ceramic sculptures. I’m paired with Sara in my November show at Guardino Gallery in Portland. We’re talking about working on a collaborative piece for the Guardino show so we’ll have to start experimenting soon…

Also not to be missed this month (but I haven’t been there yet!):

Betsy Eby at Winston Wachter (Seattle)

Da Vinci: The Genius at OMSI (Portland)

Chris Reilly at Scott White Contemporary (San Diego)

Did i miss something? Leave a comment and let everyone know!

Nina added dried flowers to complete her very first piece!

Nina added dried flowers as the finishing touch on her very first painting ever!

Emily added Chinese characters as a focal point

Busy, busy, busy. What a great weekend! I held a Beginning Encaustic Intensive class on Saturday with two of my 6 students, a mother and daughter, flying in from California to join in on the fun. I’ve had people come from all over recently including Florida, Pennsylvania and Colorado. I’ve also made some great new friends in various parts of Canada, who now come down for workshops whenever they can. I even had an inquiry from Guatemala last week! I feel so international.

On Sunday I headed off to see friends showing their work in Portland Open Studios which left me inspired and ready to paint! The beautiful weather may have worked against some people as we Oregonians are gearing up for rain this time of year and expect every day of sunshine to be the last one we see for months.

Sara Swink's engaging clay sculptures

I'm thrilled to share a gallery show with Sara Swink next year in Portland

I made a special trip to see my friend Sara Swink as we’ve just found our work will be paired for a show at Guardino Gallery next November (that’s 2009). I had never been to her studio before so it was even more exciting to visit with her and see her new work. I’ve been a fan of Sara’s for a long time so I’m thrilled to be showing with her.

I also caught up with Erin Leichty whom I met while I was taking a workshop at Oregon College of Art & Craft. Erin is a mixed media artist who sometimes works in encaustic as well, but has given it up until her new baby arrives next week. That’s a peek at her studio above.

New shipment arrived today!

Thank goodness a new shipment arrives today!

Today (Monday) I’m stuck in the cold, dank house (see, the weather did change as we feared!) awaiting the arrival of my second order of Embracing Encaustic books. I have 1,500 pounds of books due to arrive today so we have to be ready to get them out of the rain and into the basement. it’s not a moment too soon though, as I only have just over 1 box of books left. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm in making this book a success!

Speaking of success, we got a great review last week from Alina Bradford at Suite 101. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“The Womacks are an artistic married couple that have come together to make a very readable how-to art book. Embracing Encaustic is a beautiful, fully illustrated how-to guide with step-by-step demonstrations on encaustic painting.” Read the full review. Thanks Alina!

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