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Becoming More, 24 x 48, encaustic on panel, (c) Linda Robertson

A show of my new work, along with the work of my student and friend Fred Swan, has been up for a few weeks now with a wonderful response. Fred and I will be interviewed by show Co-Curator Chris Haberman this Saturday at the gallery from 2 – 4 pm to give the audience some insight into how this show came about and how each of us interpreted the theme.

Seeking Solitude, 11 x 14, encaustic on panel

Artist Talk
People’s Art of Portland
700 SW 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor
Pioneer Place Mall, Portland, OR
March 31, 2 – 4 pm

The concept for this show comes from what the English poet William Wordsworth called “Spots of Time” which he saw as small, memorable events that occur mainly when we are in touch with nature. According to Wordsworth these spots have lasting quality and are capable of  “lifting us up when we are fallen.”

In that spirit, Fred and I collaborated on a window installation by creating multiple panels of paper and wax that are thin enough for natural light to penetrate, filling the space with energy and movement. In using this thin paper we traded some durability for dynamism, but we encourage viewers to gently touch the panels and make them move. Many of the panels also have holes which allow you to peer through and experience your own spots of time.

Fred and I worked in my studio to complete the panels we had each started separately, and bring them together into a cohesive concept for the show.

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Earthly Hopes, 12 x 28, encaustic on panel by Linda Womack

A show of my new work will open next month, also featuring the abstract encaustic paintings of one of my students and friends, Fred Swan. Many thanks to our curator Chris Haberman for coming up with the title of the show which comes from a concept the English poet William Wordsworth called “Spots of Time.” These are small, memorable events that occur mainly outdoors and in touch with nature. According to Wordsworth these spots have lasting quality and are capable of “lifting us up when we are fallen.”

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What a week! It’s true that events in December tend to clump and overlap, looking for just the right day to stand out from the crowd, but last week was one of the busiest I’ve had in a while. I had art openings on 3 consecutive days, with lots of art and excitement to go around.

Portland Visual Art Exchange

Lisa Kaser, Tuque, wax & felt

Lisa Kaser, Tuque, wax & felt

I was thrilled to be invited again this year to the 6th Annual Portland Visual Art Exchange. A big thanks to Becca Bernstein, Sally Finch, TJ Norris and all their volunteers for all of their hard work!

Over 50 artists were invited to exhibit one piece of original work in a week-long, invitational show hosted at the Littman Gallery at Portland State University (PSU). The exhibit culminated in an art trade and public reception where the participating artists went home proud new collectors from some of the most talented artists in Portland.

I was thrilled to receive a wax and felt sculpture by Lisa Kaser, and my work went home with Bill LePore, Chair of the Art Department and Professor of Art at PSU.

Oakridge Park Opening

Four of my paintings are featured in the third floor lobby of Oakridge Park

Shadows Reveal, 36 x 48, Encaustic on panel

We celebrated the opening of Oakridge Park last week with 45 new apartments serving Lake Oswego area seniors who earn modest incomes. This is my second project with Northwest Housing Alternatives (NHA) who provide a wide range of affordable housing  options and have the foresight to include original art by local artists in many of their projects. I’m honored to work with them through Kent Art Brokers.

The Big 200 Art Show

One of my 10 paintings for The Big 200

A big thanks to Chris Haberman and and Jason Brown for inviting me to be in The Big 200 Art Show (formerly The Big 100), hosted by People’s Art of Portland. I’m guessing that name may change again as there were over 250 artists by last count and over 2,500 art work available at the show.

Invited artists are each given 10 small wood panels and let loose to create whatever they like, knowing that all panels will sell for just $40 each in order to allow just about anyone to afford an original piece of art. This is an exciting show because when the art is hung there are no names included with the work which evens the playing field. Art from a very well known artist may be sitting right  next to that of someone in their first art show, but all you need to care about is DO YOU LIKE THE WORK? I love this idea. The show was absolutely packed and my husband and I came home with 4 beautiful new paintings, all by artists who are new to us. The show is up through January 10 so check it out if you can!

One of my panels in place on the BIG wall, middle row, second from right

pulse2008-x-torchI made it through the PULSE event on Saturday and had lots of fun as well! For those of you who missed the previous post about this event, it was a challenge to 40 artists to create work in 8 hours in front of a live audience in order to auction it off for the Children’s Heart Foundation at the end of the night.

I arrived at 11 am to start heating my wax and found that many of the artists had already arrived and set up. I didn’t get started painting until a little after noon because my wax took a while to heat up. I took that time to talk with a few of my friends where also participating and introduce myself to some new one.

This was a somewhat stressful experience since I chose a large panel that would normally take me double the time I had available, but I wanted to offer something large enough to raise some money for the kids. I used this as a challenge to simplify the way I work but to convey the same message and look in half the time. I’m very happy with the work I created and it is already in the hands of a happy new owner.

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