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Some of you have already heard me talking about a big encaustic show coming to Oregon this April. Well, it will also be seen in Massachusetts, Arizona and Maine with possibly more stops to come. Here’s the scoop.

Hot Stuff show openingA brainstorming session at the 2007 National Encaustic Conference resulted in an exciting collaborative project between New England Wax (NEW) and International Encaustic Artists (IEA) of which I am a member. As a result, I’m participating the The Diptych Project: A Collaboration in Wax, which will match 36 artists from each group into pairs who work together on encaustic paintings.

The objective is to make two collaborative diptychs from each pair of artists (one artist from NEW and one artist from IEA). A diptych is a finished work of art made up of 2 panels. The completed diptychs will be exhibited this April in Portland, ME and Portland, OR. The east coast exhibit will be held at Whitney Art Works in Portland, Maine, while the west coast works will be shown at Brian Marki Fine Art in Portland, Oregon. Each artist’s work will also be exhibited as a part of this year’s 2008 National Encaustic Conference in Massachusetts this June. (To see posts about the 2007 conference go here.)

Diptych Project, Linda’s panel for Maine
Linda Womack, Untitled (Diptych panel 1), 2008
24″ x 19″, Encaustic, leaf, image transfer, photograph on tissue

Last night I finished my first panel (above)
and will ship it, along with a blank panel the same size to Sara, my art partner in Maine. I’m including some of the copper leaves and notes on the colors of paint I used so she will have a way to tie her panel in with mine through color or imagery. Sara will respond to my painting with one of her own on the blank panel and that work will be shown on east coast. Then we’ll do the reverse and that pairing will be shown here in Portland, Oregon. Other stops around the country are being arranged. I’ll post more images and information as it becomes available.

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