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Wow, what a busy weekend! We had a great book release party on Friday for Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax and lots of friends came by to wish us well. If you couldn’t make ti to the party here in Portland, here’s a taste of the fun.

My husband Bill was instrumental in getting this book to press so it was a real family celebration. We had books for sale at the party but they will be available to everyone else online by June 15. First we have the really BIG party at the National Encaustic Conference next week near Boston. I plan to blog about the conference most days I’m there, so watch this space for updates from the road. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m thrilled to announce that Embracing Encaustic has arrived! A closely packed palette was delivered right to my door, then all 30 boxes were lugged into the basement in many painful trips…

For those of you in Portland, please come celebrate with me in my studio with a book release party this Friday. I’ll have champagne and chocolate on hand, along with a few of the other artists who have work in the book.

Friday, May 30
6:00 – 8:30 pm
The Hive, 5417 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR

Here’s a map to my studio, which you enter from SE 55th. Feel free to pass this invitation on to friends. Please RSVP so I know how many people to expect, though if you decide to come at the last minute I’ll always be happy to see you.

Can’t make this party? There will be more on both coasts. See the list of additional book release parties for Embracing Encaustic. The next party will be in Beverly, MA at the National Encaustic Conference.

* * Embracing Encaustic will be available to purchase online by June 15 at * *

We had our local International Encaustic Artists (IEA) meeting last night as the temperature reached almost 100 degrees. This is unusual for Portland and even stranger because I still have sweat pants in the wash from when I was so cold a couple of weeks ago!

Karl with his new work

We welcomed a new member, Karl, and enjoyed the work he shared with us. Judy Wise and Melinda Fellini gave us the scoop on the recent IEA retreat in Carmel while we tried to cool down with a nice beverage. I also shared the first copies of my book, Embracing Encaustic, which arrived the day before. Below is guest artist Andrea Benson reviewing her work in the book.

Andrea reviews her work in Embracing Encaustic

I have a few advance copies, but the bulk of the books have yet to arrive. It will officially debut at the National Encaustic Conference in Massachusetts on June 8, and by June 15 it will be available for purchase at

Our demo this month was by Susan Freedman who has a new stencil cutting tool we all wanted to try out. It’s made by Fiskars and makes cutting stencils with paper a snap! We we’re all duly impressed by how easy and accurate it is. I think what she had is an older version of the Ultra Shapexpress. It’s around $20 and from what I saw it will be worth every penny.

We were also delivering our work for the show Jim Talt arranged in Newberg next month at the Newberg Gallery (more on that soon!), so that spawned various impromptu critiques as the night wore on…

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Encaustic book

A friend just told me that my book, Embracing Encasutic: Learning to paint with beeswax, is listed as a best seller on the publisher’s web site. That’s so fun! When I put the book together I thought it would be a nice way to keep my students, who were just getting started with encaustic painting, from making all the mistakes I did. I thought I’d sell a few locally and send a few to galleries, but this has really taken off!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in this project and for all of your enthusiasm for this book.

Today is the day! My new book, Embracing Encaustic: Learning to paint with beeswax. has been published. It is a 40 page instructional book that is brief but to the point, distilling knowledge from many sources into an easy to follow instruction manual. This is the book I wish I’d had when I was getting started! The idea for the book came around when a friend told me about, an on demand digital publisher. I realized that I has a good part of the book written in the form of class handouts, so I figured all I would have to do was illustrate them to make a handy beginner’s manual. Of course that was a lot more work than I expected (it always is with my big ideas!), but I’m really proud of how it all came out.

See a preview of the book here or…purchase a copy here!


OK, that’s it! I sent my new book, Embracing Encaustic, off for a proof copy today. I’m very happy with how it all turned out. My husband Bill Womack, a wonderful author himself wrote the introduction, helped with many of the photographs and edited the final draft. I couldn’t have done it without him. 🙂

Here’s a quick peek at a preview of the layout:

Encaustic Tools and Techniques

Encaustic Tools and Techniques

Encaustic Tips

Mixing Encaustic Medium

I’d love to hear what you think! I’ll get the proof back in about 10 days and after any changes the book will be ready to order. If you’d like to know when it’s available just join the notification list at


This weekend we took the final photographs for my book Embracing Encaustic! Naturally it took a lot longer than I originally thought but they came out really well. The image below shows my dog Sadie getting into the shot, AGAIN.

Photo shoot for book

These photos are raw from the photo shoot, but it will give you an idea of what I’m doing with this book. I’ve modified the table of contents slightly so now it will include:

  • Introduction to Encaustic Painting
  • Getting Started
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Mixing Encaustic Medium
  • Making Your Own Paint
  • Encaustic Gallery
  • Resources for ordering materials, tools & more

Mixing encaustic paint

I give written directions from some of the techniques I use to all of my workshop participants, but this book will encapsulate those into a handy reference book. My handouts don’t have photographs, so that’s a big bonus here too.

Mixing Damar resin for encaustic painting

I’ll request a proof of the book today and it will take about a week and a half to arrive. If you’d like to be notified when the book is ready, please join the notification list at

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There are now two books under the Embracing Encaustic title, Learning to Paint with Beeswax and the new title Advanced Techniques for Mixing Media, each focusing on specific encaustic techniques. Between the two books there are a total of 70 artists who share their work, reveal their personal painting methods and explain why they are compelled to make the work they do.Find out more and purchase them online here.

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