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In case you can’t get to Portland to see Andrea Schwartz-Feit’s encaustic show at Butters Gallery (closing Dec. 20), here’s a taste of it through an excellent interview by Eva Lake.

It’s always fascinating to me to hear an artist talk about their work and feel the enthusiasm they have for their subjects, but it’s something I rarely get to experience. Here’s a pretty good substitute!

You can find many more interviews on Eva’s blog or on KBOO radio’s Art Focus program Enjoy!

I just have a minute to post today but I wanted to share an interview I did recently for  a great new service called TeachStreet. I’m one of their featured teachers this month! Here’s how they introduce themselves on their web site:

“We started TeachStreet because we like to learn new things and so do our friends. We want to get away from our computers and out into the real world. We want to build community, make ourselves a bit smarter and empower the great local teachers living in our hometowns. We built TeachStreet to be a headache-free place for insatiable learners to quickly find great local instructors—whether they want to learn photography or square dancing.”

View the the full interview here.

This is just a short post to share with your the first seeds of my new series, tentatively called Continuum. I started the first piece before the National Encaustic conference and have been working on new pieces since my return. I’m calling it Continuum because the series reflects the gradual growth of my work as well as the philosophy behind it.

I was inspired to start this series after realizing that so many things in life cycle back and show up again and again; certain dates, numbers, patterns and rhythms that catch my notice. These are marks in the history of time which have always been there and will be there long after we are gone. But enough of that for now, let’s get visual.

This one started it all. Continuum #1 (Diptych), 13″ x 27″, Encaustic and mixed media

Continuum #2, 11″ x 11″, Encaustic and mixed media

Continuum #3, 14″ x 13″, Encaustic and mixed media

Continuum #4, 13″ x 13″, Encaustic and mixed media

Continuum #5, 13″ x 13″, Encaustic and mixed media

Continuum #6, 13″ x 13″, Encaustic and mixed media

As you can see I’m working small until I get warmed up, then I’ll start working larger. My 20″ x 30″ and 24″ x 24″ panels should be ready by tomorrow, so I’ll start those soon. Eventually I’d like to get to a few 48″ panels. If you have any comments I’d love to hear them. I’m really excited by this new work and feel like I’m off on a great new adventure!

Wow, what a busy weekend! We had a great book release party on Friday for Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax and lots of friends came by to wish us well. If you couldn’t make ti to the party here in Portland, here’s a taste of the fun.

My husband Bill was instrumental in getting this book to press so it was a real family celebration. We had books for sale at the party but they will be available to everyone else online by June 15. First we have the really BIG party at the National Encaustic Conference next week near Boston. I plan to blog about the conference most days I’m there, so watch this space for updates from the road. Read the rest of this entry »

We had our local International Encaustic Artists (IEA) meeting last night as the temperature reached almost 100 degrees. This is unusual for Portland and even stranger because I still have sweat pants in the wash from when I was so cold a couple of weeks ago!

Karl with his new work

We welcomed a new member, Karl, and enjoyed the work he shared with us. Judy Wise and Melinda Fellini gave us the scoop on the recent IEA retreat in Carmel while we tried to cool down with a nice beverage. I also shared the first copies of my book, Embracing Encaustic, which arrived the day before. Below is guest artist Andrea Benson reviewing her work in the book.

Andrea reviews her work in Embracing Encaustic

I have a few advance copies, but the bulk of the books have yet to arrive. It will officially debut at the National Encaustic Conference in Massachusetts on June 8, and by June 15 it will be available for purchase at

Our demo this month was by Susan Freedman who has a new stencil cutting tool we all wanted to try out. It’s made by Fiskars and makes cutting stencils with paper a snap! We we’re all duly impressed by how easy and accurate it is. I think what she had is an older version of the Ultra Shapexpress. It’s around $20 and from what I saw it will be worth every penny.

We were also delivering our work for the show Jim Talt arranged in Newberg next month at the Newberg Gallery (more on that soon!), so that spawned various impromptu critiques as the night wore on…

Read the rest of this entry »

This has been a very full month for me but thankfully I’ve still found time to enjoy some terrific art events my friends are participating in here in Portland. Take a look at what’s happening and try to get out to see these shows if you can.

Lorna Nakell

Lorna Nakell

Beppu Wiarda Gallery
319 NW 9th Ave., Portland, OR

Lorna studied at the Otis/Parson Art Institute in L.A. California and received her B.F.A. from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Washington. “My paintings are informed primarily by Abstract Expressionism. They occasionally touch on narrative through the use of subtle figurative imagery including houses, hands and lanterns. Imagery is hand-cut from paper or realistically painted then immersed in layers of resin.” Also showing: Susan Harlan, Kathleen Caprario. See Lorna’s work online.

Eliese Wagner’s “Particle Sphere”

Elise Wagner
Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
Through March 26, 2008

“Particle Maps” is Elise’s ongoing study of science in relation to art. Her encaustic paintings evoke a celestial convergence of science and philosophy, an attempt to understand and connect. Also showing: Bernd Haussmann. See Elise’s work online.

Bridget Benton

Bridget Benton
Mad50 Art Space
SE Madison & 50th, Portland

Bridget’s shadowbox “Migration” was installed at the outdoor Mad50 art space just in time for the spring equinox. Designed specifically for this community art space at the corner of SE Madison and 50th, the piece is an exploration of home – what it means and how we find our way there. You can see more of Bridget’s work at CubeSpace (622 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR) with an opening for the artist on March 28 from 6 – 8 pm.

ArtBizCoach.comI was thrilled to see that my art was featured this week in the art marketing newsletter. This wonderful resource, written by Alyson B. Stanfield, is an email I look forward to every Monday to keep me thinking about the business side of my art making. The creative side is so much fun, but it is crucial to remember that the marketing is equally important if I ever want to make a living solely through my art.

I really appreciate the partnership Alyson has formed with so many artists through her newsletter. It’s brilliant of her to have taken one of her own needs (art for her newsletter) and turned it into an opportunity to help her loyal readers at the same time. I had a lot of additional traffic on my web site and blog today and received many lovely comments. Thanks Alyson!

Local 14 - Linda’s booth

This past weekend I was part of the Local 14 Art Show, Fabulous @ Forty. No, we’re not all 40 years old, but the arts organization is and it’s going stronger than ever. In 1968 a group of friends got together and hosted an art show in one of their homes, which was so popular it sold out completely. With the success of the first show the group decided to have an annual show and call themselves Lake Oswego Crafts and Art League, or Local 14. Local for the first letters of each word, 14 for the original 14 artist members. Today the prestigious show is held at the World Forestry Center and highlights the work of 100 women artists. This year I applied for the first time and was accepted. It was my honor to be a part of this terrific show!


Local 14 - Steph’s booth

They always have a diverse group and great displays. The wood carvings in a grid on the right are by my friend Stephanie Brockway.

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