There are some classes I only teach in the summer because they are a little messy like Beautiful Backgrounds or a little smelly like Encaustic & Shellac. But some of them, like my Wax Scrolls class, are just more fun that way! It’s one of my favorite classes to teach because everyone gets to make something big and beautiful that they can hang on their walls right away.

This expressive process will make you feel like a kid again! That turned out to be an especially good thing for Sarah, an artist who is also a teacher with the Lake Oswego School District. After taking my Wax Scrolls class she introduced the technique to her first and second grade students who then made their own collaborative scrolls in her classes. Check out their beautiful work!

Sarah says: “The kids used Batik stamps on sumi paper, then groups chose a base color to start with. They used fresh leaves as masks and added additional color over the top. Thank you for the inspiration and technique, Linda!” And I want to add my thanks to Sarah for keeping art and creativity alive in her classroom. It’s so inspiring to see her classes come together to make such great collaborative work.

Learn to make your own beautiful Wax Scrolls in my Oregon studio this summer. If you can’t get to Portland for one of my studio classes, look for a video based scrolls class through web site this fall!

Wax Scrolls made by Sarah's first- and second-grade classes

Wax Scrolls made by Sarah’s first and second grade classes