I’m so thankful to be a part of this blog hop, and excited to see how everyone creates their own unique art using the materials in the new Linda Robertson Encaustic Set from Enkaustikos! (By the way, some of you may know me as Linda Womack, but it’s Linda Robertson now so please help me spread the word if you would be so kind…)

This set includes lots of encaustic paint and medium in my favorite colors, 4 brushes, a pot of cleaning wax, an 8 x 10 cradled panel, 3 essential tools, a stencil from StencilGirl Products, a pastel from PanPastel Colors and three of my online lessons showing how to use all of the materials together. Here’s a little video to tell you what it’s all about:

01-materialsBTW, if you are brand new to encaustic you might want to start with my free video overview about encaustic materials (scroll down to “Extra Features”).

I like to practice what I preach in my classes that no board is unsalvageable, especially in encaustic, but this one was NOT looking good. It had colors that didn’t go together and was the product of a demo I did for a very large crowd in Santa Fe last year so it’s safe to say that it was far more spontaneous than planned.

The beauty of salvaging something is that you have those beautiful colors that come through the background and tend to be wonderful surprises.

Many artists who work with wax and stencils together try to get very precise imagery but that’s not always the goal. I decided to do something very loose on this one. This stencil, called Eddy Rose, is from StencilGirl, and was designed by Mary Beth Shaw.


To get this effect I painted the wax through the stencil as usual, but instead of fusing the stencil in place I pulled it up first and then fused it to let the pattern flow with the wax. The result was beautiful!

You can really see the difference in the center photo above, where the top part of the board is fused and the bottom portion is not. I repeated this a couple of times alternating between Zinc White and Super Gold Pearl paint from Enkaustikos which are both included in my set.

I let the wax cool and firm up a bit then I found just the right spot for this feather stencil, also from StenciGirl and desiged by Kae Pea. I used the stylus tool to carve out the pattern, revealing colors that were already on the board underneath my last coat of wax paint. Don’t fool yourself, this takes some patience, but the results are totally worth it!


I enhanced the carving with a little bit of Turquoise PanPastel (also included in my set) on top to set it off from the background. Pastels work really well with texture in wax, which I cover in one of my 3 online lessons included in the set. If you don’t plan to get the set (what?!?) you can always purchase the lessons separately.

I wanted to repeat the feather image with something that looked like a shadow, so I used the PanPastel to make a transfer instead of putting it directly through the stencil onto the wax. I usually do this on tracing paper but on a whim I tired it on a paper towel and wow, what a great surprise! The pattern of the paper towel came through for a great effect.


To create a transfer place the stencil over a piece of paper and pounce the PanPastel through the stencil. I like to use more than one color but don’t go too crazy or the colors will get muddy. I used Black and their wonderful new Metallic Copper for this transfer.


Once you have the color the way you like it remove the stencil and place the paper towel pastel-side down onto warm, smooth wax. Rub the back of the paper gently to transfer the pastel onto the wax. Remove the paper and fuse lightly so the powder will set into the wax permanently. You can rub off or scrape off any pastel you don’t want on the wax. And below is my finished art! This was great fun and a good creative challenge to work this way so I hope you’ll try it too.


* * GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. And the winner is…. Laura Strack. Congratulations! * *


Note: The stencils used in the project above are not included in the set, but here’s a photo of the painting I made during my online lessons with Pippin Schupbach’s beautiful Dragon Flower stencil that does come with the set!


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