Great news! I’ve decided to reissue my book, Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax, as an electronic book (eBook) for the third edition.  This will allow me to create a more comprehensive and less expensive book that will be available for immediate download by artists all over the world. It will be available through and readable on Kindle readers, iPads and other devices with Kindle software.  Publishing as an eBook will also allow me to greatly expand our Gallery section to include many more inspiring works by artists from several countries.

Choosing the artists for the new edition of Embracing Encaustic was challenging job, but in the end I selected 70+ pieces from over 150 artists who submitted work. Because of the file size limitations for downloading an eBook many fine works could not be included in this edition.

Some tough decisions had to be made, for example, where images simply wouldn’t reproduce well because of the palette or size of the work or where two artists work were too similar to include both. If your name is not included on the list of artists below, please don’t be discouraged as it was impossible to include all the deserving artists.

Congratulations to these fine artists whose work will be published in the new edition of Embracing Encaustic!

Alicia Forestall-Boehm
Amber George
Amelia Currier-Dworkin
Amy R Finder
Amy Royce
Andrea Benson
Ann Huffman
Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Caryl St. Ama
Catherine Nash
Daniella Woolf
David Price
Deborah Martin
Deborah Winiarski
Debra Claffey
Diana Gonzalez Gandolfi
Eileen P. Goldenberg
Elise Wagner
Emily Rutledge
Erica Konrad
Eva McCauley
Ezshwan Winding
Fanne Fernow
Francesca Azzara
Geoffrey Kostecki
Gregory Wright
Gretchen Papka
Janet Amundson-Splidsboel
Jeff Juhlin
Jessie Smith
Johanna Gardner
Josephine C Rodriguez
Judith Williams
Judy Wise
Kara Brook
Karl Kaiser
Kathleen Burke
Kellie Weeks
Kevin Frank
Kimberly Kent
Kindra Crick
Leslie Pearson
Linda Widstrand
Lisa Sipe
Lisa Sisley-Blinn
Martha Ittner
Mary Farmer
Mary Mettenbrink
Maryn Roos
Michele Thrane
Mitchell Visoky
Nava Waxman
Norman Soskel
Pamela Wallace
Pamela Winegard
Patricia Dusman
Paula Roland
Rachelle Kaldani
Robin Samiljan
Sarah Arnold
Serena Barton
Shaun Doll
Sherrie Posternak
Sigrid Rogers
Stephanie Clayton
Susanne K Arnold
Tatiana deFigueiredo
Thea Haubrich
Tina Viljoen
Tracey Adams
Tracy Proctor
Tracy Spadafora
Vicki Moser

My next steps are to organize all the images and accompanying information, translate all the files into eBook format with live links to web sites and resources and begin testing. I plan to have the eBook out before the end of the year, but hopefully much sooner. Check the Embracing Encaustic web page for updates on the progress or join our mailing list on the same page for email updates and the official announcement when the book goes live.