Fun with friends: (back) Kimberly Kent and Bill Womack, (front) Linda Robertson, Judy Wise and Jess Greene.

I met Jess Greene at the encaustic conference last year when she was just starting to figure out what she wanted next in her life. I’ve been thrilled to watch her fulfill her dream of providing some really interesting projects centered around helping people become more creative.

My online encaustic courses are listed on her web site and she’s about to launch a nationwide project called the Jumpstart Creativity Tour which will have a stop in my town of Portland, Oregon this summer. Read on for more information about Jess’ exciting projects and how you can get involved.

Jumpstart Creativity Tour with Jess Greene

Don’t Miss the Jumpstart Creativity Tour with Jess Greene!

From Jess: In college, art classes were only for the art majors so despite my interest there never was room for me. And the desire was only a whisper anyway. I was pursuing other things.

A few years after college, when I was a science teacher, I started reading artist blogs. Blogging gave me a window into the lives and work of artists in a way that finished work in a gallery never could. I started feeling a strong desire to paint. Then I finally did. I went to an art retreat and my world shifted. Suddenly there was the possibility of making art in a supportive community of other creatives.

This story is not completely unique. I’ve heard it from others. And the ending is always the same: when people figure out that they can listen to that voice telling them to make stuff and create art in a supportive community of other artists they feel like they are coming home. They find their creative tribe and inside something clicks.

Last year I decided to build a website with the goal of making these life-changing creative experiences more accessible and easier to find. Seek Your Course launched last July. We now have 150+ instructors who list hundreds of creative opportunities in our database. And we are growing all the time.

Jumpstart Creativity Tour with Jess Greene

Now I am taking this mission on the road with the Jumpstart Creativity Tour. I have mapped out a route around the USA and Canada. Instructors who are part of Seek Your Course will be acting as my hosts as I run 50 events to get people doing creative things. Each event will be an evening of open art-making and creative writing with optional prompts and projects and lots of materials for anyone to use.

Events will be free and open to everyone! Which is why we need your support. The goal is to bring creative activities and resources to those who are craving opportunities to gather with other creative people and bring art into their daily lives.

I am almost done confirming the itinerary, but our tentative route includes Boston, Buffalo, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City, Winnipeg, Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Corvallis, Boise, Reno, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Berkeley, Morro Bay area, Santa Barbara, LA, St George, UT, Salt Lake City, Boulder, Denver, Santa Fe, 4 Corners, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Greenville, Asheville, Raleigh, Blacksburg, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Brattleboro, VT, and Portland, ME.

If you live near one of these locations please watch for the official itinerary and join us!

A peek into the very first event in Northampton, MA


Linda Robertson offers encaustic workshops in her Portland, Oregon studio as well as online encaustic classes at