Earthly Hopes, 12 x 28, encaustic on panel by Linda Womack

A show of my new work will open next month, also featuring the abstract encaustic paintings of one of my students and friends, Fred Swan. Many thanks to our curator Chris Haberman for coming up with the title of the show which comes from a concept the English poet William Wordsworth called “Spots of Time.” These are small, memorable events that occur mainly outdoors and in touch with nature. According to Wordsworth these spots have lasting quality and are capable of “lifting us up when we are fallen.”

Spots of Time
People’s Art of Portland
700 SW 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor
Portland, Oregon
March 10 – April 15, 2012

There will be an opening reception on March 10 from 5 – 9 pm, as well as an artist’s talk on March 31 from 2 – 4 pm.

Spots of Time

Many people navigate their surroundings without really seeing them, missing the easily overlooked and the seemingly insignificant. Those details fascinate me, especially when found in nature, as I take pleasure in unique moments never to be duplicated. I enjoy the tension of scales as my mundane concerns are put into perspective within the vastness of nature.

Work by Fred Sawn

Thinking about these painting as spots of time or frozen moments also appeals to me because of the medium I work in. Encaustic wax must be applied hot, but it cools instantly so there’s not much working time. The cooling wax can literally stop you in mid-stroke if you aren’t decisive with your movements, so that seems very appropriate for this show about capturing moments in time. After the wax is applied it’s fused with heat — I use a blow torch– which brings an element of chance into the mix. I try to use the same outlook for my paintings as I do with my life which is to work hard at what’s important but also be open to unexpected surprises. Encaustic is the perfect medium for that challenge.

Reflecting on single spots of time is like focusing on a single frame of a larger film and often leads me to moments of clarity about my place in the world. Depicting these moments in physical form allows me to consider them more fully and take a visual time out from needless emotional clutter. In these momentary flashes, balance and beauty briefly win over the chaos of everyday life and serve as reminders to try to live every moment.