Do you think you could recreate one of your encaustic paintings in a larger size? That was my challenge recently and it was an interesting exercise.

Shadows Reveal, 36 x 48, Encaustic on panel, (c) Linda Womack, 2011

I recently sold several of my encaustic paintings to a local firm for placement and they chose four, including one of my largest ever, to complete a lobby in one of their new buildings. The only problem was that 2 of the pieces were too small. Their logical question was “Can you remake them in a larger size?” My answer to them was YES of course, but I wondered to myself just how closely I could really match the panels.

What Cannot Be Torn Away, 12 x 28 (top) and What Can Never Be Torn Away, 14 x 36, both encaustic on panel, (c) Linda Womack, 2011

These particular pieces had texture on the panels and a watercolor under painting as well as many layers of wax and pigment, so they weren’t exactly simple, but I thought the challenge would be fun — kind of a game — and it was. I was very pleased with the results and I’m happy to say that my clients were as well.

As you can see in the photo above, those two look like twins, while the pieces below have their own personalities. When possible I give them similar names because for me the titles are an important part of my work. For example, the first painting above, “What Cannot Be Torn Away” was my response to the devastating tsunami in Japan and the courageous attitudes shown by so many Japanese citizens interviewed on the news afterward.

Fate Unfurling, 12 x 24, Encaustic on panel, (c) Linda Womack, 2011

Fates Unfurling, 14 x 36, Encaustic on panel, (c) Linda Womack, 2011

As you can see these two aren’t exactly the same but while I might have worked them  a bit more just to see if I could get closer, my client dropped by to see the work and loved it so that’s it, they’re done!