I have three art works in a juried show in Walnut Creek, California. The Bedford Gallery is hosting a wonderful show called Working in Wax with more than 80 encaustic painters represented in a wide variety of styles. If you are in the the area and share my love of wax, don’t miss it!

Here is a nice article on the show with the details below:

The Right of Nature, 13 x 13, encaustic and mixed mediums, 2009

The Right of Nature, 13" x 13", encaustic and mixed mediums, 2009

Working in Wax at Bedford Gallery
1601 Civic Drive in Walnut Creek, CA
Through June 21, 2009
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(My work is shown in the 6th photograph)

Juror Statement

Encaustic paint has luminous translucency, a succulent surface, and warms to the touch, like human skin. It offers a wide range of applications, such as using the pure encaustic with no color, adding pigments for rich color, creating texture, casting in molds, collaging with photographs, and making sculptures by combining it with wood, steel, and other materials. I believe this is why we love the wax; it gives us endless possibilities for expression.

Selecting well conceived, beautifully executed, and visually satisfying art works was my vision for this show. I was looking for artists who give us a glimpse into their emotions and lives. Though the focus of this show is the material, what is vital to art is the expression of the artists, and it is their visual language that shines through.

Eileen P. Goldenberg, Juror