I wanted to blog on this last weekend but frankly I was just too sick. I had one of those summer colds that you think is nothing then WHAM, you can’t do anything. Naturally I was healthy right up until I had a house guest coming to stay with us.

My friend, Eileen Goldenberg, drove up from San Fransisco to stay with us for a week and show her paintings at Art in the Pearl. I met Eileen through the International Encaustic Artists group (she is the current President and I founded the Oregon chapter) but we’ve only met in person at retreats and conferences. It was fun to get to know her a little better over the week she stayed with us.

Eileen was nice enough to give a talk on her most recent series, The Tea House Project, at CUBE Gallery. This was the same presentation I reviewed at the National Encaustic Conference in June so you can see more information about it here. The talk was terrific and well attended, and several of us went out for a rousing dinner later at Dingo’s only to find out it was ladies night. Perfect!

We had a few days before the big show, so Eileen and I took a day to visit some of my favorite galleries and go shopping for art supplies. I love shopping with other artists because we all love different materials and use them in our own unique ways.

One of the things that struck me about Eileen while she was here was that she is always making art. No kidding, ALWAYS. She had her sketchbook open and pencils at the ready while relaxing, drinking tea, even while watching TV. Sketch, sketch, sketch. It was inspiring. So inspiring that I have my own box of supplies and have started drawing in the morning just after I wake up.

Finally it was time for the big show and Eileen came prepared. She does several outdoor shows a year and had it down to a science, setting up her booth and work like it was second nature.

I wish I could say I had a great report on Art in the Pearl this year, but that was probably one of the days I felt the worst. Our typical nice weather this time of year turned cold and rainy and I felt terrible. I took this one sad little photo of what was certainly a wonderful event, but if you want to see more head on over to Judy Wise’s blog for the full report!