I’ve got two shows starting within a week so I just wanted to get some quick information up about them. First I’ll be joining some friends in presenting a showcase of encaustic work complete with demos from each of us at the opening reception this Thursday from 6 – 9 pm. The details are below, or visit the Poster Garden web site. I hope to see you there.

The second show is at Mad/50, a unique outdoor art space at the corner of Madison and 50th in Southeast Portland. Yes, it’s drive by art, so it’s an easy one to see! It will be a small installation exploring the theme of home, accompanied by some of my first attempts at working in 3D with wax. Enojy!

Updated 9/8/08: I just installed Mad/50 today and this might be even more interesting than I thought. It pretty hot here for September (ranging from mid-70’s to near 90 degrees) so this installation might end up becoming a performance piece! You can see the finished art work above, and below you can see how it is installed in the Mad/50 space. The box is covered with a pane of glass, creating a sort of terrerium effect that may heat up my work pretty well. I had already discussed this possiblity with the organizer, Paula Manley, and we decided to treat it as an experiment and see what happens.

If there are any great changes over the next several weeks I’ll add before and after photos in a separate post. I’m putting my money on the wax staying put. What do you think will happen?