OK, here I am in Arizona and somehow my classes are already done! I taught Wax Image Transfers on Tuesday night and Beeswax Collage Basics all day yesterday. I had really fun students so the class time just flew by. Here are a few photos of the classes and the beautiful work my students created. Enjoy!

Click on any of the images above to see a larger version.

Most of these pieces were created with nothing but collage materials, stamps, pastels, and natural or clear beeswax, and many of the students had never even worked with wax before. Very impressive, don’t you think? Great work everyone!

This class sold out quickly so if you missed it you can still learn many of these techniques from my book, Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax (which is available to purchase online here), or come visit me in Oregon for a one or two day workshop in my private studio. You can view my full workshop schedule here.

Also, if any of you are planning to attend Art & Soul retreat in Oregon this fall, I can book workshops that are convenient to your class dates in Portland. Just contact me an let me know when you’ll be in town so we can make a plan that works for you.