I’m just about to wrap it up tonight as I have to get up at blark-o’clock in the morning to fly to Phoenix, Arizona where I’ll be teaching at Art Unraveled.

Jack is helping me pack for my trip
Here’s Jack helping me pack for my trip

I managed to get 107 pounds into my suitcases (not including the dog) which was a trick because i can only check 50. I’ll be carrying the rest in the biggest carry-ons allowed. Ugh. I sent one box ahead already, so that’s another 50 pounds or so. And that’s only for two classes!

My good friend and super talented artist Bridget Benton will be my assistant (thank goodness!) so the class is guaranteed to be fun. Oh, and just for laughs, it will be 105 degrees there. I’ll try to post from the retreat so you can enjoy the fun too.