Yes, I’m back online (YAY!) and what’s the first thing I did? Why leave the computer for a full day painting workshop with Jesse Reno of course.

This time I was attending instead of teaching though, as my slightly early birthday present to myself. It was my first ever acrylic painting workshop and had a blast! Jesse’s style is so unique that I wondered how I could possibly paint like he does, but sure enough, I did. OK, sort of. I’ll let Jesse speak for himself through this excellent video from his web site, with my paintings at right and below.

Video from Jesse’s web site showing his studio and how he works

This was my largest piece at 24″ x 48″

This is my favorite of the bunch, 24″ x 24″

True to my poor technological luck lately, I remembered my camera but not the memory card, so I have no photos from the actual workshop. Luckily my friend Judy Wise was also in the workshop and she always has the best blog posts anyway.