I took a well deserved day off with the family today, and we went for a hike down to the Sandy River, near 1000 Acres.

Our newest addition to the family, Jack, hadn’t been to the water yet so we wanted to see if he had any interest in swimming. Let’s just say that mystery is solved! After some whimpering on the shore Sadie showed him how it is done and proved to be a great teacher. It was a perfect day of pure happiness.

This photo is of how the day started. “Jack, do you want to go play?”

Sadie and Jack found a friend with a stick. Jack was too nervous to try swimming himself so he whimpered on shore for a bit.

With lots of prodding from Sadie he finally tested the water but wouldn’t go past his ankles.

Our little show-off taunts Jack by getting him wet on the sidelines. He’s so close!

He finally jumped in after Sadie. He just swam a little at first, then he really got the hang of it. That’s my boy!

Happiness is…a wet dog in sand. The teacher celebrates her student’s victory!

Here’s our brave boy, now nicknamed Captain Jack!

Tired but happy! Our own little Olympian.