First, let me warn you that I’m not even close to done with blogging on the conference. I had to take a break because It was time to make Embracing Encaustic available to purchase online and I was inundated with orders. Nope, not in any way complaining, just a little overwhelmed. In just the first two days I mailed 150 books to 5 countries! Thanks so much for this amazing support. But back to the conference…

One of my favorite parts about the encaustic conference is the chance to meet, face-to-face, so many of my colleagues who I usually only communicate with via email. I love my email but there’s no replacement for real human interaction. I was also able to meet lots of new friends, not only during the sessions I attended during the conference, but after hours when we had time to digest and discuss what we experienced during the day. Here are a few photographs of those events.

Mary Farmer & Kimberly Kent (left), Catherine Nash and my husband Bill Womack

An impromptu discussion outside of the Miles Conrad workshop

Dinner with Joanne Mattera and friends (left), Sheary Suiter joined us on the ferry to Boston

Lobster dinner with the girls (left)…and the boys. Bill again and Ted Loomis.

It’s easy to get involved in the after hours discussions at the conference. If you are in the main building when the last session lets out just hang around for a few minutes and inevitably someone will call out, “Who wants dinner?” Don’t be shy. If no one else is asking you can start up a group. Word travels fast since we all want more time to get to know one another in our short weekend in Beverly. You’ll have new BFF’s in no time.

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