OK, just a few more photos from my encaustic class at the John C. Campbell Folk School. I’ve been back home for a few days now but had to do my dreaded taxes before returning to the fun stuff. Enjoy!

Jenny\'s shells

Jenny cast these shells out of paper clay and bisque fired them before the workshop. She painted them in class, experimenting with encaustic paint and shellac for different effects.

In the first image, Phyllis attached these two paintings together using nothing but wax. The drawing on the top was done using Saral graphite transfer paper. In the second, Susan created a zen collage that goes strikingly well with Phyllis’ work.

Here’s another great art work made on a clay backing. I think Linda’s fish is one of the most fun pieces we saw all week!

Remember that turned vase from the first post? Well here it is in finished for after being worked on by me, Phil the wood turning expert and the weaver, Robin. It will be auctioned off in the school’s big fund raiser this summer.

This was our table at the final show, where each class shared a small collection of all the art that was made during the week. Look at this beautiful work! I’m so proud. 🙂

After the show my family came to pick me up for a very short but very fun visit. I haven’t seen these kids in at least three years and could not believe how much they’ve grown! I’ve already been asked back to teach at the folk school in 2009 so I’ll have to make more time to see them on the next trip. One day wasn’t’ nearly enough, but we made the most of it.