A North Carolina treasure for more than 80 years, the John C. Folk School offers workshops in art, craft, dance, music, cooking, storytelling and writing. I’m teaching a week long workshop here this week called Incredible Encaustics, which combines beginning and advanced classes for a complete introduction to encaustic painting. This will be my first time teaching at the folk school and I am honored to have been invited.

Mix medium

I’ve been preparing for the trip all week, making encuastic medium for my students and trying to figure out how to get all of my equipment across the country in two bags that weigh no more than 50 lbs. each. This was not easy, but I made it! And the TSA didn’t even remove anything from my bags. Imagine finding damar resin crystals and bars of wax in someone’s luggage without knowing what they were…I put copies of my book in each bag just in case.

Tonight I met my new friends for the week and I showed a quick slide show to give them an overview of the general technique and the amazing variety of looks you can get using wax. Everyone seems very excited! I’ll try to post a couple of times this week if I am able, otherwise you’ll get a nice long post when I return.