Tina’s transfer

Yesterday I had two classes in a row, both doing Wax Image Transfers. I had initially scheduled only one class, but so many people wanted to try it I eventually added another. Needless to say the enthusiasm was pretty high going into the class, and everyone left with something they loved.

Diane’s transferThat’s not to say there weren’t some frustrating moments. Transfers require some patience and they don’t always work on the first try, which is why I encourage students to bring multiples of all of their images. I have a sad little copy machine available for emergencies but it’s needed more and more encouragement as the days go by just to make one little copy. We’ll see how long it lasts!

In any case, everyone left class with at least one success and lots of new knowledge on how to chose an image that will transfer easily. That’s part of what I love about teaching classes in small groups instead of on-on-one, you often learn as much from the challenges your fellow artists face as you do from your own difficulties.

Take a look at the amazing variety of work that came out of the two classes:

Cinnamon & Diane transfer

Casey’s transfer

Leana’s transfer Charmaine transfer Linda’s transfer #1 Mo’s transfer

Click on the smaller images to see larger versions

Linda’s transfer #2

Ruth’s transfer

Cinnamon’s transfer

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