Monster Month bookI recently had the pleasure of seeing my friend Sven from Scarlet Start Studios realize one of his dream with the publication of his first book! Monster Month is lavishly illustrated with 32 full-color paintings by Sven Bonnichsen, and 7 full-color maps tracing the fictitious Professor Ichbonnsen’s travels. Here’s a quick summary of the world you’ll discover through his book:

After a lifetime of trekking jungles, climbing mountains, and spelunking caves, the world’s foremost cryptozoologist at last reveals a selection of his greatest discoveries. Herein you will find the Adameve, the Dark Strider, the Opium Gore Golem, the Trick Squilligoss, the Zompire Bat…And many more fantastic beasts!

With the keen mind of a scientist and the bold heart of an explorer, Professor Ichbonnsen provides illuminating descriptions of how the creatures live — and astonishing tales of how he found them.

Both adults and children will marvel at the Professor’s adventures…And be left wondering what else remains yet undiscovered in the unexplored corners of our rich planet. Like the map-makers of old, you will understand: “Here be dragons!”

Treat yourself to a copy of your own by visiting the book’s website:

Sven Signing

Bridget gets her copy of Monster Month signed by Sven. I’m next!

Sven Studio

Sven is also a talented animator (that’s him in his studio above). Check out his latest trailer for “Let Sleeping Gods Lie”: