I spent a good part of the holiday framing new work for my show, Awakening, that opens tonight! I’m trying something new this time, using wooden float frames made for me by a local artist and framer, Matt McCalmont.

Float Frame prep

I LOVE how they look but I really hated having to paint them. I made the mistake of trying to dry them with a heat gun because it was taking so long due to the cold weather. Some of the paint bubbled up but luckily it was in a spot that was hidden by the work. If anyone knows a painter who can offer their services with a sprayer to apply paint to these please send them my way…

Dream in Shadow, 13″ x 13″, Encaustic, $425

Don’t they look nice all dressed up in formal black? This is my latest work, Dream in Shadow (13″ x 13″, encaustic and mixed media, $425). It’s had a “work in progress” tag on it for a long time now, but I was inspired by our snow over Christmas and finally knew that all it needed was that delicate white detailing on the top.

The show opens tonight at Guardino Gallery from 6 – 9 pm and runs through January 27. I hope to see some of you there!