To all of those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a merry one!

Here’s a peek into our world of snow and dogs on Christmas Day in Portland Oregon complements of my talented husband, Bill. Enjoy!


Jack’s presentBill and I use the stocking our moms made for us when we were kids, and we’ve improvised the rest. We had to include Grommett for one more year — we miss him so. Jack’s new stocking came out a little crazy, but that’s what you get when you drink and design. Bill cut out the giant letters and I glued them on. It looks pretty bad but it’s really funny. We’ve decided that it fits Jack’s, lets say enthusiastic, personality. In the photo at right Jack is bringing me a present of shiny silver ribbon he dug out of the wrapping box.

Coffee cake

Coffee cake for breakfast on our new reindeer plates from my sister. I’m wearing a new necklace from Bill, along with my crazy morning hair. After breakfast we looked outside and it was snowing! That’s very rare for Portland but everyone in Chicago will just roll their eyes…

After the park, we had very tired dogs. Finally. Happy holidays everyone!

Tired dogs