JackI’m finally feeling better after my terrible bout with the Northwest killer flu. It didn’t actually kill me, just my will to eat, work and blog. But I’m back, and with big news!

Just before I got sick we made time to find our dog Sadie a new friend. She was getting very depressed after the death of our wonderful 13 year old dog Grommett in September. Bill and I weren’t quite ready for another dog, but Sadie was very clear about her needs. So, off we went to the Oregon Humane Society for 5 hours of barking madness.

We finally emerged with a skinny black Labrador mix who is only a year old. On paper his name was Dallas but he didn’t seem to know the name at all. He was a stray, living on the street for a short time. We thought maybe we could figure out his name by seeing if he would respond to anything, but there was no recognition. We’re big fans of the band Pink Martini so we thought it would be fun to yell, “Hey Eugene!” which is one of my favorite songs. That was heartily rejected.

We tried more random names that came up in our lives and when we called “Jack” he came right over to us. I think a dog should get to choose his own name, so that one stuck.


So, I’m happy to introduce Jack, who has been with us now for two weeks and survived a bad infection of kennel cough while I was coughing away from the flu. We were quite a pair. Sadie LOVES him even though he won’t leave her alone. They wrestle and play all day. Life is good. The only drawback is when I have to yell at him at the park to get off another dog. Inevitably the words tumble out of my mouth at top volume, “Jack, off!”