Who knew? Who knew that making so many little pieces of art would be so interesting, frustrating, rewarding and tiring? Oh, yes, that should have been me who knew that since I’ve participated in these shows before, but I always forget. I had to get lots of little work ready for the holiday sales last week and man, it was a lot of work! I made 15 pieces for two shows: Holiday Lites at Lauryn Taylor Fine Arts (Carmel, CA) and Little Things at Guardino Gallery (Portland, OR). In the end I’m glad I did it because these shows force me to work quickly and keep me from over thinking my work which can be a problem for me.

Those of you who came to my Portland Open Studios weekend saw some of these in progress. Remember those painting demonstrations I was doing? Those were my backgrounds for the Little Things show. Sneaky, right? Anyway, here are both groups together, with the Little Things on the right:

Little Things Group

One thing I always try to stress in my classes is that you can “save” just about anything when working with wax because it is so forgiving. If a piece isn’t working you can scrape off, melt down or cover up whatever is making you crazy. One of my favorite pieces of this series, Thrive, came out of one of the biggest failures. I had to carefully heat up and pull off the flower without disturbing the wax at the bottom, which I liked and wanted to spare. Then I covered the top half with the light blue and started the collage again in order to finish with the piece on the right. It’s like playing the game Operation!

Thrive, before being fixed Thrive fixed

Here are some photos of the progression of the Holiday Lites pieces as I paired backgrounds with imagery, and decided which image transfers to use. The final pieces are below.

Holiday Lites Teaser

Choosing images

Click on each image below to see a larger version

A Watchful Place Chasing Shadows Destiny Awaits

L to R: A Watchful Place, Chasing Shadows, Destiny Awaits


Stars Shall Fade Strength Comes Wind of Joy

L to R: Stars Shall Fade, Strength Comes, The Wind of Joy

I won’t be able to attend the opening in Carmel this year, but there will be two for the Portland show. View the details on the events page of my web site. If you’d like to receive my monthly newsletter with workshops schedules and encaustic events you can sign up online, or view my most recent newsletter.