Alec from Constant Contact“You are everywhere!”

This is a phrase I’ve been hearing lately, especially since my TV appearance on AM Northwest and my “perfect art storm” last week. I’ve chuckled about it, happy that people don’t sound annoyed when they say it, but a few days ago I had to agree.

I was attending a Constant Contact seminar for one of my web clients and stepped out to use the restroom. When I returned, there was my newsletter on the big screen, the subject of a (thankfully good) case study! I said something lame like, “oh, that’s ME” and the whole class turned to look at me. The folks from Constant Contact had asked permission to use my newsletter in promotions a while back, but I never thought I’d come face to face with it like this! The presenter, Alec, was tickled that I was there too. He gave me a t-shirt and they even asked me to do a little video about their service to send off to the corporate office. How weird is that?

The cool part is that after the seminar several other artists in the room came by to share their projects and we got to brainstorm on how each of us could make even better use of the service. I met some really nice people I wouldn’t otherwise have so I guess everywhere is where I want to be.