Yesterday began the perfect storm of art events. Within 10 days I will:

  • Take 2 full day classes at Art & Soul
  • Attend the gala opening at Local 14, my first time in this prestigious show
  • Sell my books at Art & Soul vendor night
  • Volunteer 9 hours of my time at Local 14
  • Participate in a one night invitational encaustic show at Art of Your Life
  • Host a private party for people on my mailing list (my yearly “Thank you” party for their support. If you sign up by this weekend you’ll get an invitation too!)
  • Participate in Portland Open Studios, where I’ll be doing live demos in my studio for two full days.

Just for fun, my computer won’t read my image card so I may be a little behind in posting about all of this. It’s just not as interesting without the visuals! Check back soon for more…and wish me luck! 🙂