Today was a tough day of doing some way overdue yard work, but we managed to have a little fun getting rid of our old rose bushes.

Rose flinging

I’ve been trying to save these things for 9 years now, but it turns out that roses have a life span too. Who knew? My neighbor Art, who wins prizes in the Rose Festival competitions, told me years ago that I should replace them but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. He said the wild roses they were grafted to were going to take over until they grew so fast I couldn’t keep up. He was right. I said my goodbyes and it was finally time to just do it. BTW, they weren’t as nice as they appear from far away. Two rose loving (and clearly much savvier than I) neighbors have already given me a big thumbs up which I know means, “What took you so long?”

This is a very quick video of our new favorite plant removal technique. Enjoy! Now where is that aspirin…?

Tomorrow it’s back to painting, thank goodness, so I can get my last piece finished for the competition at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art. Fingers crossed!