RJ, Bill and Linda in the Finnegan’s photo booth

It’s true, I’ve been missing in action on the blog for a while but there’s been a lot going on! My cousin RJ was visiting from California (see photo) and he got us to do lots of things we never seem to get around to:

As if that weren’t enough I also taught a sold out Basic Beeswax Collage class and was a panelist discussing how artists can get their work noticed for TV and in print. Whew! Now that I list it all I feel like I deserved that massage. Anyway, I’m back and have already started two new 16″ x 16″ panels so there should be more photos soon.

For those of you following our Grommett saga, today started out bad but got better with time and drugs. We got him out to Laurelhurst Park this afternoon and he was so very happy sitting in that grass! Tomorrow will be better, I can feel it.