Hey guys, I’m running out the door right now, but wanted to remind everyone of a great event I’m participating in tonight. There are still a few seats left. I hope to see you there!

Look at Me! How Artist’s Get Work on TV and in Print
TONIGHT, July 18, 7 – 9 pm

Join Trillium Artisan’s for their monthly meeting on July 18 from 7 – 9 pm. The theme is Look at Me!, as they offer a panel of artists who have been profiled in print or on TV, gaining valuable recognition for their work. Each artist will show their short TV segment or published work, and then talk a bit about how they were chosen, what it was like to participate and how they benefited from the experience. Panelists will include:

Linda Womack

Linda’s botanical beeswax collage was recently profiled on HGTV’s craft show, That’s Clever! She has also self published a book called Embracing Encaustic, an instructional book for those wanting to learn the art of wax painting.

Nikki Blackwood

Nikki’s altered book was published on the cover of Somerset Studio, and most recently she was invited to contribute to the book “Kaleidoscope: Ideas + Projects to Spark Your Creativity.” See her blog at http://pdxnik.blogspot.com

Stephanie Brockway

Stephanie’s silver ladle vanity mirror was recently profiled on HGTV’s craft show, That’s Clever! Among other publicity she had a photo in the Oregonian of her sculpture that was a top finalist in Tazo’s tea’s Waste Not competition last year.

Tammy Vail

Tammy’s work has been published in a calendar and her “Duct Lisa” is in this month’s Somerset Studio. Some of her work can be seen at http://portlandartcollective.com.

Seats are only $5 and space is limited so email Claire at claire@trilliumartisans.org or call 503.775.7993 to reserve your spot now. The event will be held at Trillium Artisans, 9119 S.E. Foster Road, Portland.