Our boy is SO stubborn. Try to tell him he’s sick and there might not be much we can do for him and darn if he won’t prove us wrong. That’s my boy! Now don’t get too excited (but yes, I am) because he’s not “cured” but we have solved the current crisis for a little while.

Grommett Update - Home Again

The fluid therapy flushed the toxins out of his kidneys and brought his numbers back down to what they were in May when they were still high but manageable. For reference, the number that should be at 27 was at 59 in May and shot up to 93 last week. After this round of therapy it’s back to 57. See how that’s still a problem? Yeah. The good news is that he very clearly feels better and is eating on his own again. He even wanted to go for a short walk last night, so we are VERY happy. And I must admit, the boy had steak for dinner last night. We promised it to him before he went in and we came through. After all, he’s a little anemic so he needed the iron, right? Yeah, right, it was a medical decision.

So for now G-boy is doing as well as can be expected. The vet tells us he’s living on borrowed time but we plan to make the most of it. Thanks to everyone who said a little prayer. I know it made a difference.