The fluid therapy seems to be working! This won’t cure him of all that ails him, but Grommett seems to be feeling much, much better. He visited the encaustic class I was teaching last night and was happy to get pets and hugs all around. He ate without us begging this morning, which is also great news.

When I took him in for his final therapy day at the vet today he was less than enthusiastic. He LOVES Dr. Becker and has been enjoying their “dates,” but he’s asked me to help him break up with her this afternoon. Grommett feel like she’s getting a little clingy, demanding to see him all the time! He says he needs some space.

More news as it comes. Thanks so much to the very many people who have written and called about our boy. We know Grom is a special guy but had no idea you all did too. Thanks. Really.