Grom with IV

I picked up a happy, perkier Grommett at the vet’s this evening. It was wonderful to see him wagging his tail, trotting around the waiting room. They said he was his usual sweet self all day, enjoying the attention lavished on him by the staff while he soaked up his fluids. To our surprise, he practically ate them out of house and home, tossing back half can of food every hour. Hmmm… drinking all day, binge eating, being fawned over by adoring women in an air-conditioned kennel… something tells me he won’t mind going back tomorrow. We’ve got our fingers crossed that this flushing out will jump-start his kidneys and give us back our old Grom for a while longer

He collapsed in a heap tonight, nestled in by his fan for a cool nap to recover from the day’s festivities. Thanks for all the good thoughts today, I think they’re working!