My little hot dogs

As many of you know much of my life is run by my dogs. The photo above is of Sadie (left) and Grommett (right) being “hot dogs” in front of the fan yesterday. And yes, Grommett has his own pillow that he carries around with him.

Grommett is 12 years old and has been having liver and kidney trouble recently. The short story is that he stopped eating several days ago and now his liver and kidney values are off the charts. He’s down from over 100 pounds to 84. It doesn’t look good. We have a wonderful vet who is both practical and hopeful so this morning Grom was hospitalized so they can do doggie dialysis to try to get his kidneys working again. We should know if it’s working by tomorrow or the next day, but any good thoughts and prayers you can send his way would be greatly appreciated. We’re all a little stressed out so you may not hear from me for a few days. Thanks for all of your good thoughts!