I got a wonderful surprise today from family and friends when I received not one but two bouquets of flowers to celebrate the opening of my new encaustic studio tomorrow night. What a treat! I may have to use one or both of them to cover up little things that haven’t been “dealt” with yet. Take a look!

Flowers from Don and Kathy

These are from my friends Don and Kathy, and their kids Alex and Griffin. I went to high school with Don in Hawaii. He knows all of my dirty little secrets so I’m pleased that you won’t be running into him anytime soon! 😉

Flowers from Clark and Paula

These are from my wonderful in laws: my husband’s brother Clark and his wife Paula and their kids, Koby, Ashton and John. I just found out that they considered flying in to surprise us at the opening! They are so far away that it didn’t work out, but what a nice thought anyway.

Ready or not, I hope to see you tomorrow night!