While I was away at the Encaustic Painting Conference our contractor, Jak, finished installing our new windows and doing all the trim. It looks great! When we got home Bill and I just stood in the studio and opened and closed the windows for about 5 minutes. You’d think we’d never seen such a modern convenience before, but our house was built in 1939 and very few of the window weights still work, so it was a treat.

Paint switch

Before we left Jak suggested we paint around where the windows would be installed in order to save time painting the trim. With the plane leaving in just 2 hours I cracked open the paint and almost literally threw it onto the walls. When we returned I realized I had put the trim color where the main wall color should have been! I tried a test to cover it up but it would have taken many coats to fix it. I finally decided to switch the colors and use the darker yellow on the walls and lighter for the trim, and it looks great anyway!

As for the painting, do I have some amazing friends, or what? I put out a call for painting help and they came running!

Bill & Jon

Bill and Jon get to work!

Karen W.

Karen W. tackles the trim. Karen and Jon own Dot Zero Design and were the perfect pair for all the detail work!

Karen K.

The two Karen’s synchronize their strokes. Karen K. took my beginning Beeswax Collage class a few months ago, and when she heard I need help painting she volunteered to come on over! She’ll be in my Advanced Encaustic Painting class in July for a full weekend and I know we’ll have a blast. Dale, another former student — and now a great friend — also come over to help. How did she manage to dodge the camera all night?

Last stroke

Gretchin of Scarlet Star Studios had the honor of painting the last stroke of the night!

Not Bad

Not bad gang! To see the finished product for yourself, join us for the studio opening party on June 30, from 6 – 9 pm.