This morning the city inspector came hours early to do the electrical inspection. Again. Why do they bother asking if you want it in the AM or PM if they don’t pay attention to it? Grumble. Anyway, the guys are still working on the drywall so it wasn’t ready for him to inspect so he’ll have to come back. He said to wait until after we paint. Double grumble. But wait, there’s more!

When he checked the inside panel (that the lovely former owner installed himself without a permit!) he passed us on what the previous inspector said was wrong, but he found 8 new problems. I am seriously about to come unhinged. My husband asked him what guarantee we have that when those things are fixed (at considerable expense) that a different inspector won’t find MORE problems. His response:”That shouldn’t be a problem.” Yeah right. Am I starting to sound bitter? Yes? OK then it’s time to take a break.power hungry

I suppose I could always resort to the way we got power set up at the IEA retreat (see photo).

The only good news is that the studio won’t be affected by the problems inside the house because they are on different permits, so there shouldn’t be any delay in opening the studio. At this point I’ll take any good news I can get. I should have better news tonight, so I’ll try to post more then.

Is it too early for a drink? 😉