OK, I’m getting behind on posts because it’s been so busy, so here’s a 2-for-1. The night before last I just couldn’t wait to get into the studio so I set up a table amidst the insulated walls, with drywall stacked behind me and prepped two boards. I gotta tell you, it felt good! Not to worry, I didn’t use an open flame with insulation on the walls…

perpping boards


Yesterday they started the drywall and should finish by tomorrow morning. I’ll post photos when it’s done, but here’s what we’ve got so far:

drywall 1

So, notice one thing below. See how there used to be a window next to that door? Yeah, they drywalled right over it. They seemed fairly surprised by that when we pointed it out this morning. Sigh. We’ll get that fixed tomorrow.

drywall 2

I’m so excited! It’s starting to look like a real studio. Cross your fingers for our final electrical inspection tomorrow.