Ow. That’s the first thing that went through my mind this morning. OW! We finished insulating the ceiling of the new studio last night after I volunteered at the Craft Supply Swap, and I might be a little sore. This is a photo of my husband, Bill, shooting the last staple in from the ground. (OK, so he missed but it’s a great shot!).


The reason he’s dressed like an extra from “Outbreak” is because we had some extra Tyvek suits hanging around that seemed perfect for this job. The suits are leftover from a volunteer stint we did for NET training where we acted as citizens exposed to radiation at the airport to help train Fire and Police teams. After they sent us through a very cold shower the they let us keep our “clean suits.” (Yes, I’m part of the NET — great free training — and have been affectionately nicknamed “safety girl” by my friends.)

Drywall has been moved (again) as our contractor forgot about the holiday and moved us to Wednesday and Thursday. now that will be exciting!