So yesterday a friend called and eventually the conversation turned to the new art studio my husband and I are building in our garage. My friend asked if it was AMAZING to see the progress of my dream turning to reality. I had to tell her honestly, right now, no. The truth is that though we’ve been working our hearts out it doesn’t look so different than it did 3 weeks ago.

Studio beams - Bill

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made a lot of important progress but building and installing the beams for the lighting just isn’t as spectacular as seeing a wall go up. You might enjoy the fact that I am actually balancing this beam on my head, but without it falling and crushing someone’s foot there’s no drama.

Studio beams - Linda

However, next week will be completely different. We need to finish the electrical (with inspections!), bolt the foundation and insulate before the contractors come to install the drywall on Monday. Then you’ll see dramatic! In the meantime you’ll just have to enjoy the knowledge that the ^%&$! flag pole is still with us (see right side of top photo, on the wall) and we’re considering burying it in the ceiling. Unless you want it?