Wow, what a wonderful retreat! This past weekend in Carmel with the International Encaustic Artists group was filled with making new friends and learning new techniques. So much happened that I can’t possibly address it properly in one post, so I’ll be adding lots of photos over the next couple of weeks. Today I’m VERY tired as I got in late last night and had to work right away this morning, so here’s a little taste of things to come…

Check out the amazing array of ways people fuse their wax!


Group working with torch


Most of us used a propane torch or a heat gun, but…


fusing with a light bulb


Mary Farmer uses a light bulb…


Fusing lens


and Adele Shaw found a giant lens to harness solar power!


Fusing contest

Later there was a fusing contest: Two layers with torches and no air bubbles. After some dirty tricks (all in good fun) including a little kicking, shoving and torching each others work, Lissa won! Yes, we are serious about air bubbles. 🙂

Check back tomorrow for the ongoing saga including member demos, and the opening at Lauryn Talyor Gallery that included work by many of our members! Now, I’m off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..